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LeDroit , Gatineau-Ottawa;
Vigile , au Québec;
Journeaux de Québécor ;
Radio-Canada ;
Julie Bélanger , travaillait pour un député de Moncton à Ottawa; cette Acadienne de passage est de retour dans son Montréal natal (et réside dans le quartier Hochelaga!) et a remplacé ses commentaires politiques par des critiques de la Société de transport de Montréal.
Amenagement linguistique dans le monde , excellent site à l'université Laval, à Quebec ;
Aupair en Finlande , dans une partie suédophone du pays!;

Francaises au Canada:
Aurélie au Canada , Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montréal;
Marie en Acadie , Moncton jusqu'en septembre, 2006 (ensuite de retour en France) ;
Ninie à Rimouski , arrivée en septembre, 2006;
Frank589 , un Français à Montréal (arrivé en septembre, 2006)

Marc-André Mongeon , politics, in Ottawa;
La ruche , politics, in Ottawa ;
Little Fish in a Giant pond , politics, in Ottawa;
Bronson Borst , politics, in Ottawa ;

Taxes ;
Immigrate to Canada ;
Bug Me Not ;
Toronto Star ;
CanWest Media ;
Sun Media/Québécor ;
Public TV (CBC) ;
Canadian Television (CTV) ;
Americans in Canada , Moved from New York City to Port Credit (Mississauga), Ontario. Anti-war, pro-abortion;
Canada's unofficial Church , United Church of Canada (30% of Canadians are members), many of Canada's policies are reflected in those of this Church (or is it the other way around?);
Western Red Necks , Alberta;
A blog in China , in Shanghai;
Public Transit , Washington, DC;
Luc Schutlz , in Quebec City;
Vicky , in Ottawa;
Pample the Moose ,pro-bilingualism, was a Professor in Sackville, New Brunswick, now back in Ontario.
LibScan , scan of Liberal leadership blogs.
Jajakoom ;
Liblogs , Blog roll run by a 29 year old Liberal Lawyer in Toronto;
The Blogging Tories, Blog roll of generally right wing Canadian blogs

Your Blog could be here

From my blog/De mon blog:
Make Immigration Win Win: Bring Back the Head Tax
Ontario thinks BusinessWeek Readers are Brain Dead...
Talk, if you can, to Indians or Learn French
Top Gear on Myspace
February 30th is International Delete Your Faceboo...
Stripping can be Dangerous
Test the Nation: worst show ever
Two Million People
Canada Should Have Fewer People
The Blog Stock Market: a truly odd site
Brad Davis Suddenly a Popular search word in Ottaw...
Rogers Raises Rates 10 per cent!
I didn't lose my shirt today because Nasdaq was cl...
Hey Moncton: just say no to a casino!
Interdiction de fumer en Acadie
Smoking in Nova-Scotia Soon illegal !
What Recession?
AOL Moncton is Closing, XM US says buh bye
A Countiguous Palestinian State
2007 Things that Went Wrong in 2007
Don Vito is Dead. Long live Don Vito.
Peace in Moncton
Happy Sol Invictus!
Travel in Canada s Maritimes
Christmas should be on a Monday
The Internet has Over One Million Pictures of Beer...
Gready American Writers
Graham Bucks Not Quite Ralph Bucks
Free Lunch thanks to BusinessWeek and Digg
France Will Get the iPhone Before Canada!

L'Australie vire a la gauche
Immigrant Loyalty Back in Homeland
Save the Plannet: Price Cap Homes at 200,000 Dolla...
Un pays Catholique pour les Quebecois?
Blame the bears: "canada is making me sad these da...
Time to Make Smoking Illegal eh!
When Did Tax Evasion Become OK?
Stephen Colbert on The O'Reilly Factor
Brian Mulroney will go down in History as the fath...
Just Say No to Drive Thru
he Federal Government Should Not Give Money to To...
Did Brian Mulroney Commit Murder?
If You Like Music or Nelson Mandela, Get an iPod t...
Trudeau me fait...
High Speed Internet When We feel Like It: Rogers a...
Death Penalty For Spammer
Google Video, Youtube, Picasa or Tetes a claques o...
Consuming on the Throne, the Final Frontier is Cro...
Size and Format Matters
iPod touch TV out
NBC is Clueless
Brian Mulroney Belongs in Jail!
Moncton City Council is Waisting my Money!
Roger Duguay: Un nouveau superhero Acadien
Late Breaking News: Roger Duguay Elected Leader of...
World Of Warcraft Gold Diggers in China!
Internet Rage
Canada Needs More Jews and Muslims (My Al Goresque...
Afghan Immigration to Canada
Why You Like to Write Blog?

Kid Nation is Entertaining: Deal With It!
AOL Moncton Yanks Yank Jobs
The Ipod itouch is amazing!
Permanent Resident Admits on Blog to Voting Illega...
Four Lanes from Halifax to San Diego
First post using ipod touch
Will Dion Win Gatineau Back From the BQ?
John Tory is Trilingual. John Tory: Elvis Graton O...
Know It All Immigrants and mmp
Nous sommes une société de loisirs
That Ipod could be expensive: Minnesota woman must...
Ageism is Real In Outsourcing (Not just on The Off...
Quebec Now Has Carbon Tax. Ontario Does Nothing.
Moncton Call Centre Blues, multimedia version
The Government of Canada Uses Key Word Advertising...
Off With Her Head: 53% of Canadians want to drop t...
Two New Canadas Every Year: 6,621,660,975 people a...
Ktahkomiq Toloposusu
A Lower American Dollar May Save the Planet
Non au Blackberry, vive le Minitel! Canadian Spies...
Irritating twits: Dalton McGuinty et. al.
NATO Does Not Apply in the Arctic Ocean
Cars Crashing Sells Cars in Europe
NATO, what is the point?
With the Higher Dollar, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron,...
Taking Advantage of the High Canadian Dollar When ...
I Hate Toronto Because Toronto Sucks
Windows Vista: le New Coke de 2007?
The code of conduct is Ethically Offensive
Tallest Tower: Tell Me When
Sean Beckett is a Cross Border Tax Cheat
Rogers Call Centres
Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion
It is OK to Kill Puppies for Fun: Barbara Amiel
Dog Blogs are Immoral
I did It! 101.52 dollars for blogging
I Just Bought a Newton er, Ipod Touch!
I am Xenophobic
Werner Patels Could Replace Barbara Amiel
Werner Patels is Banned from the Internet
Monday is the Jamaican Election Man
Rogers Cable TV Service Sucks
"Thank You India": Bell
Winnipeg Must Suck
Ouragan, Internet et Jamaique
Stay in Toronto and You Will Die. Move to New Brun...
Canada Should Join Japan
Sitel Moncton: le bon choix pour les unilingues fr...
Sitel Moncton Does Not Pay Enough Unless You Do No...
Killing Smokers Would Save Lives
Immigrants Should Visit Canada Before Moving to To...
Old Orchard et les Tetes a claques
Maketing 2.0
Felix and Garfield Are Way Better Than Chicken
On the Take: Crime, Corruption and Greed in the Ha...
Canada's Kyoto target: only buy stuf made in China...
iPhone: Why All the Advertisement?
Vive le Canada francophone!
New Yorker Emigrates to Toronto and ends up Unempl...
Stupid Americans
Ronco bankrupt, Willi Waller 2006 still popular
L'apathie et les Tète a claques
The no Fly list is the Answer to Global Warming
iPhone in Canada: Not.
Sidewalk Ruins Driveway
46,700 runaway kids in Canada in 2006
George Bush is a Hero
Internet haute vitesse en region au Canada
The Economics of Confusion
Corporate Communication and Washrooms
The China Problem
If Victoria Day isn't a Holiday, We will All Run A...
The Snowbirds are Immoral
You Will Smile
Moncton is the Help Desk Capital Of the World
Does Tony Blair Speak Better French Than You Do?
Trudeau Will Never Be Elected, Ever
Quittons l'OTAN
Unilingualism is Expensive
Suburban Sprawl Sends Paris Hilton to Jail
Four Times More Cities in Quebec Have a Subway Tha...
Digital Video Recorders
Canada Should Join France (Rerun)
Ban Pets to Combat Global Warming.
Smoking in the Presence of Children is Child Abuse...

Unscheduled Improvement to Our Network ;
Where is the Space Bar ;
The Sopranos, AOL, Rogers and Me ;
Google now offers free High Speed Internet ;
Tetesaclaques sont une gagne de vendus ;
Would You Believe In God If he was an Atheist ? ;
Yahoo Shares the Steven Harper Vision of Canada ;
Win 10,000 dollars if you are visitor number 10,00... ;
Gagnez 10 000 dollars si vout etes le 10 000ieme v... ;
Les Québécois sont homophobes ;
ADQ est le Willy Waller 2007 ;
Montréal sans la loi 101: Moncton ;
Tetesaclaques vs Acadieman ;
Université de Moncton recrute des Affricains ;
Moncton On the Beach ;
Bring Back the Immigrant Head Tax ;
Global Warming: Don't Blame Me! ;
New Brunswick Minimum Wage Going Up From Last to L... ;
New Brunswick is Now an Independent Nation ;
Idea Spam and Abuse of Power ;
Dangerous Jobs and the CBC ;
Mobility is a Part of Freedom ;
Conservatives Notwithstanding Same Sex Marriage ;
Stephane Dion is a Former Separatist! ;
Gerard Kennedy Will Make a Great Minister of Youth... ;
Even in their wildest dreams, separatists never im... ;
Prediction: Dion wins, Quebec leaves Canada ;
Belfast Girls ;
Liberals Forget Canada is Bilingual ;
The Boxer: IRA in Belfast ;
Oh, the irony: Adscam and Rae Blogger ;
Will Quebec Being a Nation Affect the Price of Bee... ;
Complaint by Shoshana Berman ;
I'm Feeling Lucky with Gerard Kennedy ;
Americans Blog in Canada ;
Banned from Liblogs for living in Toronto. ;
Est-ce qu'on peut etre separatiste et Liberal? ;
National Defence Should be a Provincial Jurisdicti... ;
Time to Bring Back the Charlottetown Accord ;
An Elected Senate is a Bad Idea ;
Une nation sans la monarchie ;
Jeanette Arsenault-Kennedy Needs Your Money! ;
Just Say No to Traffic Calming ;
Toronto Debate Question (in French): Should the fe... ;
The CRTC Should Regulate the Internet: Gerard Kenn... ;
Education of Shoshana Berman ;
"Gerard Kennedy's French Not Good Enough" LeSoleil... ;
The Process of Becoming Anti-Quebec ;
Doogie Howser is Gay! (not that there is anything ... ;
Does Gerard Kennedy Support NATO? ;
Ontario Government Fixes Gerard Kennedy Mistake ;
I'm Stuck in Blogging Tories and I Can't Get Out ;
Will American Refugees move back to the USA? ;
Time For a Capital Gains Tax On Homes ;
An Elected Senate is a Bad Idea ;
Une nation sans la monarchie ;
Jeanette Arsenault-Kennedy Needs Your Money! ;
Just Say No to Traffic Calming ;
Toronto Debate Question (in French): Should the fe... ;
The CRTC Should Regulate the Internet: Gerard Kenn... ;
Education of Shoshana Berman ;
"Gerard Kennedy's French Not Good Enough" LeSoleil... ;
The Process of Becoming Anti-Quebec ;
Doogie Howser is Gay! (not that there is anything ... ;
Blogger is Worse than MySpace ;
Liblogs Parasites ;
Gerard Kennedy in Favour of Income Trust Tax Loophole ;
Gerard Kennedy and "la grande seduction" ;
I Do Not Want To Move to Alberta ;
Constitution: Transfer Banking and Telecommunications to the Provinces ;
Dion Makes Kennedy Sound Coherent ;
Smoking Should be Illegal ;
Gerard Kennedy is the Only Top 4 Candidate Against Quebec Being Called a Nation ;
Who Will Gerard Kennedy Delegates Vote For? ;
Sixth Place in Quebec University Dropout Gerard Kennedy Losing at PR ;
Abolish the Monarchy in Canada ;
Gerard Kennedy Finished in Sixth Place in Quebec ;
Canada Should Join France ;
Jane Jacobs: The Secession of Norway from Sweden (Part 3) ;
Jane Jacobs: The Secession of Norway from Sweden (part 2) ;
According to Gerard Kennedy, Quebec is a Nation Only in French! ;
"Gerard Kennedy Does Not Speak French" (La Presse). ;
If I Ran Canada ;
Acadians do not Want Gerard Kennedy ;
I Still Support Michael Ignatieff ;
New Liberalism in the First International Country of the 21st Century. Werner Patels and Gerard Kennedy Make Me Laugh. ;
Is Joe Volpe the Lesser Evil? ;
Montreal Debate a Repeat of Toronto with More French and Louder Supporters ;
Gerard Kennedy Calls Quebec a Nation ;
Liberal Debate In Montreal ;
Gerard Kennedy is not Blogworthy (10 of 995) ;
Climate Change: local governments must pick up the slack, or else... ;
Poll: Quebeckers Do Not Like Gerard Kennedy ;
Anti-NAFTA Republicans and Garbage ;
Garth Turner: Just Say No to Junk Science Mr Harper ;
995 raisons de ne pas voter pour Gerard Kennedy ;
From the Teleprompter of Gerard Kennedy ;
Canadian PMs and Part of the Former Ottoman Empire ;
Blame Rona Ambrose or You Could Take the Bus ;
Reasons 6 to 9 of 995 Not to Vote for Gerard Kennedy ;
Kennedy Loses Debate ;
Peter Worthington is Foolish, Woolly and Factually Out to Lunch ;
I Am Not Anti-Israel, I Even Sleep With a Jew ;
Italian Should Be An Official Language of Canada ;
Gerard Kennedy Avoiding Francophone Media ;
Jane Jacobs: The Secession of Norway from Sweden ;
Ignatieff Campaign Takes High Road ;
Gerard Kennedy Committed War Crimes (Reason 5 of 995 not to vote GK) ;
Raise your hand to invade North Korea ;
Reason 4 of 995 not to vote for Gerard Kennedy: He is a chicken ;
995 Reasons Not to Vote for Gerard Kennedy (1-3) ;
Gerard Kennedy Campaigned Against the Federal Liberals ;
Rona Ambrose Chief of Staff Obssesed with Gay Sex ;
Gerard Kennedy: a Reality Check ;
Gerard Kennedy is a Kitten Eating Alien from Outer Space ;
Was Gerard Kennedy a Tax Cheat? ;
Gerard Kennedy is Advertising on Blogs! ;
University Dropout Gerard Kennedy Afraid of Quebec Talk Show ;
Dion Must Stay in the Race to Pay off Debt ;
Gerard Kennedy Cult Members Confront Reality ;
Last PM without degree was Robert Borden (1911-1920) ;
Gerard Kennedy on RDI: Horrible French. ;
Gerard Kennedy is a University Drop-Out! ;
Gerard Kennedy est trop peureux pour Tout le monde en parle! ;
Just Say No to Gerard Kennedy ;
Anybody but Kennedy: bad French on web site. ;
The Government is reading this blog ;
TV Tonight-TELE ce soir ;
40 percent of Top Gear viewers are women! ;
Why Kennedy lost Quebec ;
Rona Ambrose Does Not Exist ;
TV Tonight-TELE ce soir ;
Scarboro Sucks ;
Gerard Kennedy a/in Gatineau: je parle le French tres beaucoup ;
Ponts qui tombent: réactions de Wong, Kay et Jeff Fillion ;
Shoshana Berman ;
Crazy people and blogs ;
China: Ethnic games tainted by cross-dressing cheats ;
Parti Libéral: Course à quatre avec quelques désastres ;
Jane Jacobs: part II of Montreal and Toronto ;
Jane Jacobs: Montreal and Toronto ;
Stagiaire francais ;
Jane Jacobs: Separatism and Sovereignty ;
I choose Ignatieff ;
Appel à la mobilisation des francophones du Canada ;
Trailer Park Boys The Movie ;
MySpace may be worth $15 billion ;
Pure laine, comedie: Tele-Quebec et France 5! ;
Enjeux: discrimination ;
Warning to Liberals: look what happened to the NB NDP ;
Ted Rogers to Bell Canada: Kiss my Post. ;
My living Liberal vote is for sale ;
Top Gear Richard Hammond not dead, but suffered a significant brain injury ;
Dead Liberals ;
Nancy c'est ici: l'Est republicain et Ben Laden ;
Compteur ;
Mon pays ;
Canadian Idol Was Fixed ;
Bin Laden Funeral Picture ;
Subway and Nascar. ;
Osama bin Laden may be dead: Reuthers ;
Osama bin Laden is dead (full article). Mort de Ben Laden (article complet) ;
Bin Laden is dead. Ben Laden est mort. ;
Communist Assimilation and Sex ;
Nation and Liberal leadership ;
Boycott Bell Canada, The Globe and Mail and CTV ;
Un boycotte de Bell Canada? ;
Charest au Globe and Mail ;
Infoman - Rick Mercer ;
Richard Hammond, Top Gear, is almost dead ;
TV tonight - TELE ce soir ;
Air Canada helped evacuate New Orleans ;
Bloody Sunday in New Brunswick? ;
Liberals win in New Brunswick. 4 more provinces to go. ;
Guide pour les elections au Nouveau-Brunswick ;
New Brunswick elections cheat sheet ;
Low density zoning ;
Applicants must speak French ;
Gun control: do not make it easier! ;
TV tonight- TELE ce soir ;
Car insurance reform in New Brunswick (video) ;
Pret etudiant pour tous. Student loans for all. ;
New Brunswick Leadership Debate. Débat des chefs du Nouveau-Brunswick ;
René Lévesque ;
Chat live during the debates! ;
Elections au Nouveau-Brunswick ;
Anticipatory Hypothetical ;
Chat Live! Clavarder en direct! ;
Calgary Sucks ;
Avortement au Nouveau-Brunswick ;
Neo Con ;
Bernard Lord, marionnette des assureurs d'autos ;
Lord helps insurance companies screw New Brunswick ;
Let's auction off the immigration slots ;
Bus Driver School - Ecole du chauffeur d'autobus ;
Crocodile Hunter Dead at 44 ;
NB Elections ;
Tuition: Screw the Young ;
Toronto Sucks ;
Adolescents nus au Vermont ;
Index 2006-08-27 ;
Mother Nature has a sick sense of humour! ;
Naked teens in Vermont ;
Lazy bums ;
Jeff Fillion aime Barbara Kay ;
New Brunswick Election ;
Barbara Kay: made up facts ;
Aboriginals in Canada ;
Goggles Flight Sim ;
Index ;
Junk Mail Day: 911 was fake ;
Bonne fête Acadiens ;
Arrêtez les subventions M. Bush ;
The President of Iran has a blog ;
Photos d'ici. Pictures of here ;
International Mobility ;
Cowards-Lâches ;
2 semaines de vacances par année ;
Satellite Internet par satellite ;
Blogging about Kraft Dinner in French ;
Maine should be Canadian. ;
MySpace ;
Map of MySpace Friends ;
Iqualuit, Florida and Australia on Saturday night ;
The World is a Pizza ;
MySpace: web 2.0? Yah right! ;
Pour les bébés canadiens For Canadian babies As ... ;
2800 Metros (Photos) ;
Alberta Should Lower Tuition ;
Guide sur la fiscalité canadienne ;
March of the Penguins ;
La marche de l'empreur (pingouins) ;
Focus, Focus, Focus. ;
Allez vous coucher! Go lie down ;
TV over the Internet ;
Rona Ambrose: first lesbian Environment Minister ;
Save Until Space is Needed. ;
Global Climate Change ;
And you thought Pat Robertson was nuts ;
Taxes in Canada ;
Shanghai Maglev: 431km/hr ;
Toronto subway video ;
Melbourne light rail video ;
Portland, Oregon, subway video ;
Watch out for low bridges 'on' this bus ;
On the bus, hamsters pay extra? ;
Next time, take the bus ;
Celtic culture ;
Bad credit and Trans Union ;
Mesothelioma ;
Locate your remote control ;
La politique d'immigration du Canada ;
The immigration policies of Canada ;
C'est Pepsi icitte! ;
Si la Suisse peut gaganer au hockey... ;
Down with the Queen ;
Olympic TV coverage ;
Day one. Jour un .

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