Moncton On the Beach

You'd think a bilingual unemployed professional in Edmundston NB, with any sense at all, would move west: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto or Alberta.

Well, not me. No. Not that I didn't try. I've literally applied for hundreds of jobs in those cities. I guess those folks just can't dial long distance (you precede the phone number with 1).

Anyway, with the help of couch surfing opportunities and Social Assistance (yes, in December I became a $270 a month welfare bum), I've moved to Moncton to work in, what else, the thriving Call Centre industry. Not thriving for me ($12 an hour), but I'm sure someone is making money from it.

Moncton sucks, but the ocean is nice.

So yeah, I'll be blogging less often now since I have a job and a long commute (I'm couch surfing at a beach side residence).

My jobs involves talking exclusively to French speaking Ontarians and Quebeckers, so hopefully I wont start speaking Shiac* any time soon. Not sure how my English will be affected.

But please stop by once in a while for my opinions on politics, public transportation and TV.

*Shiac is a dialect of French spoken in the Shediac-Moncton area.


Joel said...

So how long have you been living in Moncton? I dont' think that 1 month is enough to starting hating it! I have lived in both Edmundston & Moncton - I'd rather be in Moncton any day! I also don't think that $12/hr is all that bad! Considering that if you hang out there for any amount of time, you'll end up being a supervisor.

PS - It's called CHIAC and it's not limited to Moncton/Shediac area!!!

Anonymous said...

In Ontario you don't need to speak french at all: french is no constitutionnal language in this province. This why there is no shiac ther: shiac runs along with the equality of the two languages in N.B. It comes from the he discrepancy between french and english in N.B. statutes, as french is no match to common law. Shiac just ignores or mutilate/vandalizes french grammar. So it does not really matter if you call it shiac or chiac, considering what it does to the french language.It is a language dominant of the acadians in the Moncton area and typical of this are only, which is physically seperated from the other 'french' areas of NB by the english heartland of the province. It is a recall of the duplicity of the Acadian people at the time of the deportation and a testimony of the hatred of Francophony Canadian against Quebec, where French and Roman law go hand in hand and as francophony Canadian was promoted lately as a Heritage Canada scam to destroy the french language and call for rampage against Quebeckers.
JP Ottawa


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