I didn't lose my shirt today because Nasdaq was closed

There are different levels of ignorance.
Level A: Quote from one of my clients today: "I can't find the number 4".
Level B: Answer at work the other day from a young technical support colleague. This is an actual quote: "Linux? I think that's the new version of Mac OS, I'm not sure we support it yet."
Level C:
I was feeling smug today because I only lost 1% of my massive investment in Google. Very late in the day, however, I realised it was a holiday in the USA today ( Lyndon Baines Johnson day) and my loss was Friday, not today, Monday. Gosh darn it! (auto censure to make sure those google computer generated ads stay there).
It is inescapable, I will lose hundreds of dollars tomorrow (Tuesday). Probably more than I make in an entire week, perhaps two. I'm very tempted to pore more money into the stock market, but betting against the masses takes courage, something I'm lacking. You see, last time I lost serious money on the stock market, it was a just as Internet technology stocks started tumbling and I loss big (I was a big fan of Java in 2000). Worse, then as now, I worked in Internet technology... and lost my job three days later.
I wish I had truble finding the number 4...

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