New Liberalism in the First International Country of the 21st Century. Werner Patels and Gerard Kennedy Make Me Laugh.

Forget Liberal Lite, if you want to laugh, head on over to Werner Patels' Musings. Gerard Kennedy's platform is also good for a few chuckles.

Update: Turns out the joke is on me. Ha, ha, Werner G. Patels M.A., you got me too.
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From Warner Patels' latest post, Some Liberals need to get a brain :


One blogger in particular, who shall remain nameless and unlinked-to for obvious reasons, has been going after Gerard Kennedy in a big way, including outright libel. I fail to see how this is helping the unity of the Liberal Party.

Even worse, the other day, that same blogger (a self-anointed Ignatieff supporter, with whom the Ignatieff campaign has already severed its ties as a result of his outrageous - and un-Liberal behaviour) referred to me as his "arch enemy", simply because I happen to support Kennedy.

Correct me if I am wrong, but within the party, there should be no "arch enemies". I can see it if a Liberal refers to someone in the Conservative Party as his arch enemy, but within the same party?

Since that blogger also displays the full blogroll for the Blogging Tories, it has to be assumed that the individual is really a Tory, who has found his way somehow on to the Liberal blogroll (for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc).

But if he is a Liberal, as he claims, then referring to other Liberals as "arch enemies" over their choice of candidate is the most stupid thing he could have done. First, it discredits the candidate of his choice (even though Ignatieff has already rejected the support of that blogger) and second, it damages the party as such.

Despite our various preferences regarding leadership contenders, we are all fighting on the same side and towards the same goals, one should hope: defeating Stephen Harper and restoring the Liberal Party to power.

But calling other "co-combatants" arch enemies is counterproductive and only shows that the Liberal Party still has a long way to go before it achieves unity.

From the comments:

C'mon Werner,

You can't write that whole post and not tell us who said blogger is, can you? Also, I don't know about this blogger to whom you're referring, but I just called someone on my blog an "arch-nemesis", and I meant it clearly as a gross exageration/joke. Maybe he/she did as well?

No, trust me, it was not an exaggeration. In fact, I had to ban that blogger from commenting on this site a while ago. He's a psycho (an opinion widely shared by people in the Liberal Party and among Liberal bloggers).

I mean, he can do what he wants, but he is hurting the Liberal Party.

For the record, I wasn't calling Werner an arch enemy as someone I'd go to war against (no need to arm your compound Werner), but simply, as Olaf pointed out, as a gross exaggeration / joke.

However, I'd like to point out that it isn't the first time Werner has referred to me as a psycho...

But that didn't stop him, I'm not making this up, of complaining to the Ignatieff campaign about my blog! And then bragging about it!

From the comment section of Werner Patels post, How Stupid Can You get? :

Sandi, of course no one will hold that psychopath's views against Ignatieff, but Ignatieff should know about this and distance his campaign from such retards (this is why I forwarded all those blog posts in question to the Ignatieff campaign).

The moral is you need thik skin to criticise centralist unilingual university drop-out Gerard Kennedy. So in that sense, I'm glad Werner Patels supports Gerard Kennedy.

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Ah I see Werner who suffers from multiblog personality disorder himself is at it again denouncing others as psychopaths. This from a guy who is a Conservative, Liberal, Green blogger whenever it suits him....

Steve V said...

If we want a good laugh we come here, so now I'm confused.


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