Smoking in Nova-Scotia Soon illegal !

Smoking in Nova-Scotia, in a vehicle in the presence of people under 19, will soon be  illegal *! 

1 Section 5 of Chapter 12 of the Acts of 2002, the Smoke-free Places Act, as amended by Chapter 59 of the Acts of 2005, is further amended by adding immediately after subsection (2) the following subsection:

    (2A) No person shall smoke in a motor vehicle when any person under the age of nineteen years is present in the vehicle regardless of whether any window, sunroof, cartop, door or other feature of the vehicle is open

*This Act comes into force on such day as the Governor in Council orders and declares by proclamation.
 Bangor, Maine, passed a similar law last year. I guess Nova-Scotia legislators where inspired. As of January 1st, 2008, dito for crazy California:

Smoking in Vehicles With Minor Passengers

Add: Health and Safety Code Article 2.5 to chapter 4 of Part 15 of Division 104. Amend: Vehicle Code §12814.6 (SB 7 Chapter 425)

  • Makes it an infraction punishable by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100) for a person to smoke a pipe, cigar, or cigarette in a motor vehicle any time a minor is present in the vehicle.

As of May 31st, 2007, in South Australiasmoking in vehicles when children are present is illegal.
A person must not smoke in a motor vehicle if a child is also present in the motor vehicle.   Maximum Penalty $200.  Expiation fee $75.
State of Tasmania , Australia:
  • On or after 1 January 2008, a person must not smoke inside a vehicle if a child (being a person under the age of 18 years) is inside the vehicle.
    (...)on-the-spot fine of $200 and/or prosecution. The maximum fine for an offence is $2000.)
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