Immigrants Should Visit Canada Before Moving to Toronto

As a Maritimer in Moncton, New Brunswick, I live15 minutes from an ocean beach with warm water that you actually can swim in.

And as I prepare for that quick trip to the beach, let me quickly indulge in my other pastime: Torontonian bating.

My selected Torontonian today is an American immigrant who chose Toronto (Mississauga) because Canada is such a great country.

Don't you hate people who confuse Toronto with Canada? Toronto is to Canada what Paris is to France, London to England or New York to the USA: irelevant.

L-Girl in her We Moved To Canada blog explains how she left the horrible United States for the social paradise that is Canada. But yet, she lives as close to the USA border as she can without getting wet. Worse, she seems to spend all her spare time there, back in the USA. And not just to visit family and friends, but to explore the horrible country she abandoned.

I say, to be accepted as a landed immigrant, people should first prove that they've been to at least 50% of Canadian provinces.

You don't get married on the first date, and you shouldn't move to Canada unless you've experienced many of its parts. But if you do, at least have the decency of visiting your new country! Especially if you insist on writing about how great it is and encouraging others to move to Canada!

1 comment:

L-girl said...

You are truly insane. Seriously, you ought to get some help.


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