Was Gerard Kennedy a Tax Cheat?

Was Liberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy a Tax Cheat?

Did Gerard Kennedy ever work for food in addition to his salary? Look at the working conditions at the Daily Bread Food Bank. $8.25 per hour for 24 hours a week, in Toronto. Doesn't that imply you will be using the food bank for food?

When Gerard Kennedy dropped out (or flunked out?) of university in his last year of his Political Science BA, he left to work as a "historical researcher" in Edmonton. Where? Who needs historical researchers in Edmonton (seriously, I need a job, let me know)? Especially "researchers" who don't have a degree.

How did he go from that to being Executive Director of the Edmonton Gleaners Association/ Edmonton Food Bank. Was he a user of the food bank? Is that how he got the job? How much did this job pay? Was it enough to live on or did he have to supplement his income with the free food?

I don't know. But I suggest we find out.


Steve V said...

Want proof you are an idiot. A full 83% of Liberals didn't vote for Kennedy. Many bloggers would love nothing more to see Kennedy dropout, some would love to see negative posts about him. Despite this fact, you can't find 1 person to vote for your asinine posts on Progressive Bloggers, despite the obvious temptation from other camps. I see that as proof positive that NO ONE takes you seriously and you are a horrible blogger. Take care, your blog is a JOKE.

Anonymous said...

you're ridiculous

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you always take the high road when you criticize.

I'm sure there's a lawyer somewhere just salivating for you to make your next post. What you say on the internet about someone and their reputation is still grounds for legal action.


Anonymous said...

Love to see 'the natural governing party' and it's collection of cast-off ,wantta be leadership hopefull posers stooping to such low levels as this.LMAO

Anonymous said...

Good work,drag out more liberal entitlements,larceny,theft and corruption.Love to see you guys down in the toilet slagging over liberal values.LMAO

Anonymous said...

Love it,great research,I expect nothing less than stealing from food banks,taxpayers,little children,etc from anyone involved with the "natural governing party"!Get down in the toilet and fight the good fight and show everyone those "liberal values" extend farther than just entitlements.lmao!

Anonymous said...

How completely assanin. You are a moron and your posts aptly prove that. This is definitely one NOT for mankind and the technological age....pathetic low from a truly pathetic, desperate and sad individual craving for attention with an utterly stupid and insulting blog. Thank goodness for the decorum of many other Liberal bloggers. Keep hitting new lows. I hope you bury yourself with them.

Dan McKenzie said...

You should do a post on Gerard's glasses! I mean when was the last time someone with glasses became PM. What gall!

Anonymous said...

I don't support Kennedy for leader, but stop slagging his name. He's going to be a big part of the cabinet when the Liberals win the next election, so we don't need to eat our own here.

take it easy man, and chill out.

Justin said...

Did Kennedy found the Edmonton food bank? He didn't just work at it. Also, food from a food bank is not tax deductible.

Plus as the person in charge of the foodbank, I'm sure he made more than $8.25 an hour.

Anonymous said...

good to see you making such positive and active use of your comment moderation.

Altavistagoogle said...

Justin. No, Kennedy did NOT found the Edmonton food bank (See Sunday's Toronto Star article).

Other people think he left university to work at the food bank. Wrong again. He left and worked as a "historical reasercher", whatever that is?.

We need more details about Gerard Kennedy's resume.

And a reporter needs to ask him the obvious question: Mr Kennedy, have you ever gotten food from a foodbank, yes or no? And if yes, was the food bank your employer at the time?

Fancy title does not equate big salary.

Kennedy should NOT be part of cabinet with his centralist views. I do not want him or his supporters in the Liberal Party of Canada. They belong in the NDP. Wrong party people, get with the program!

Anonymous said...

Impressed by the overwhelming support you've received over the past few days with your Gerard attacks?

Altavistagoogle said...

This is a leadership contest. Leadership! There is more due diligence at the average Clerk I position! Remember Bill Clinton?

Gerard Kennedy has enough holes in his resume for a Mack truck. We need answers now before it is to late. People are misreading his bio and it needs to stop. This is like the Kim Cambel is fluent in Russian thing. If you want this guy as our PM, fine, but at least know who you are voting for.

Stop worrying about me destroying the reputation of Gerard Kennedy. If he is irreproachable, my questions will have no impact.

Contacting the Ignatieff campaign to complain about my humble blog is very odd indeed. This is a democratic country, and if Gerard Kennedy wants any future in Federal politics, he is going to have to defend himself against the Bloc, the Conservatives, the NDP as well as every eager journalist in the country.

The following is allegedly from Brad Davis, National Director of Policy & Internet Strategy, Michael Ignatieff Leadership Campaign:

Begin quote.
"We've been getting a fair amount of feedback regarding your blog and the recent attacks on Gerard Kennedy.

We ask all of Michael's supporters to remain civil on blogosphere. Its critical to party unity that we not make attacks personal. Criticisms of policy positions and/or strategic direction are fair game.

You are obviously free to say whatever you please. But if you really are an Ignatieff supporter, I am sure you will understand our concerns regarding your posts.

Many thanks and best wishes on this holiday Monday.

Brad Davis
National Director of Policy & Internet Strategy
Directeur des politiques et de strat?e internet
Michael Ignatieff Leadership Campaign
End quote

Anonymous said...

There is nothing concerning about Gerard Kennedy that the other parties even care about. Everyone knows you can keep improving your French.
However, if it is ammunition for the other parties you are worried about then look no further than Michael Ignatieff. The Conservatives have already started attacking his absence from Canada for the past 30 years and it is embarassing for the Liberal Party. His support for the war in Iraq is incompatible with the Liberal Party and he has absolutely no political experience. He will not unite the Liberal Party, he is a divisive figure.


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