Corporate Communication and Washrooms

Corporate Communication and Washrooms
The call centre company I work for started adverting in the washroom. Number 1 or 2, you will have, in your face, an advertisement from the HR department encouraging you to recruit people to work for the company. If you recruit someone and by some miracle they stay at least 90 days, you get $300 and the chance to win tickets to a music group playing in Halifax (transportation and lodging not provided).
Advertising in the washroom just crosses the line. Unless it is a memo advising you not to drink the water, the only thing I want to see when taking a leak are clean tiles and, perhaps, clever graffiti.
I'm new to Moncton, so maybe it is just culture shock. But to me, advertising/corporate communication in the washroom of your place of work is just wrong. It is crass. Low class. Small town cheap. And I'm being polite. Because really, it is just brain dead stupid.

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Anonymous said...

"It is crass. Low class. Small town cheap. And I'm being polite. Because really, it is just brain dead stupid."

Yet the first place I ever saw advertising in a public washroom was in a nightclub in the Plateau district of Montreal in the late 1990s. Very small town cheap indeed!!


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