Canadian PMs and Part of the Former Ottoman Empire

Quick, what is the West Bank called in French*? Don't know? Make something up. When it comes to Israel, never admit ignorance.

Joe Clark got in trouble for suggesting Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel. Jean Chretien was laughed at for confusing the West Bank (of the Jordan river) and the Gaza strip.

What is it with Israel (pop. 6 million) and Canadian prime ministers? Steven Harper is apparently of the opinion that you are either pro-Israel or anti-Israel. He being the former.

In the furor to prove they aren't anti-Israel, Michael Ignatieff reminds us he lived there and Bob Rae points to his wife who could immigrate there, because she is Jewish.

But the rest of us ham eating Liberals aren't up the Jordan river without a paddle just yet. Paul Wells comes to the rescue with the appropriate communication strategy using a YouTubed Seinfeld clip.

By the way, there are 18 million people in Sri Lanka, shouldn't that make the Sri Lankan conflict 3 times as important? Oh wait, I forgot the Costanza communication strategy. Thanks Paul.

*Cisjordanie is what the West Bank is called if French. Now try Hebrew and Arabic. Remeber, when in doubt, make it up.

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