The China Problem

Q.: What do you call a 60 year old Madonna in China? A.: happy.
Just Google "China Gender Imbalance" and ponder the consequences. Will it lead to war? Should you invest in Asian porn?
By 2020, there will be 120 young men for every 100 young women. Wow. That means tens of millions of single men (and eventually hundreds of millions).
Obviously, fewer women of child rearing age will lead to fewer babies. And thus the population of China may start to go down (the locals are a tad worried about running out of staples such as food).
Possible "solutions":
-Cancel the ban on two babies and let people die of hunger (but sexually satisfied).
-Allow people to have a second child if the first one is a girl (see hunger). Might not solve anything if couples keep killing their second child untill they get a boy.
-Only allow women over 30 to be pregnant (in case you dindn't know, fertility goes down dramaticllay post 30. Tick, tick, tick).
-AIDS. Seems to be "working" in Africa.
-Free brothels for singles. Prostitution is socially acceptable in places like Thailand and Japan. If controlled and regulated à la Amsterdam, it could work. The women would have to be  paid, of course, and willing participants. I'm not advocating it for Canada, just China. That's what they do for the French Foreign Legion (and, arguably, for many other armies away from home).  
If you are a student of economics, you might conclude that this gender "problem" will solve itself. Women will have more partners and be much less interested in settling down with one guy (and more likely to leave/cheat on her husband) à la supply side economics.
Two scholars wrote in a book that this gender imbalance will lead to war. War with whom though? Because of the numbers, only a civil war would make sense (although a war with India could work). And even then you'd have to be carefully not to kill any of the precious female civilians (easier said than done in "modern" warfare/all out war).
Other "solutions":
-Poligamy reinvented (what was that hunger solution again?).
-Low safety standards in construction, fishing and forestry (high risk male dominated industries, even with high safety standards).
-Drugs, alcohol, smoking, suicide. All men killers, especially if you add motorcycles to the mix.
-Promote China as paradise for women travellers who want to forget about their last boyfriend.
-Pot, lots and lots of pot.

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