Christmas should be on a Monday

Would Jesus mind if we moved his birthday to Monday? The Queen (and the Patriots in Quebec) seem to be OK with their Monday celebrations. It would be the Christian thing to do. Many people have a potential four day weekend broken by working the 24th this year. In Canada, most non-unionised workers only have 10 days off per year.
I am among the many who didn't have the forsight to book Monday off. Not that I necessarily would have gotten it if I had. So I can't travel to Montreal to visit family. I'm stuck in Moncton. And it will be the same thing all over again for New Years.
I like long weekend. They provide the flexibility to travel, or not. Christmas on a Tuesday means phone calls and web cams. It is just stupid. Jesus' birthday is an approximation. It conveniently coincides with the winter solstice (on the 21st). If Easter is always on a Sunday, why couldn't Christmas always be on a Monday?
And ditto for Canada Day, eh!
By the way, don't you find it odd that we have three statutory holidays during the shortest days of the year, but only two in the Summer (only one federally)?

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