Climate Change: local governments must pick up the slack, or else...

States like California have compensated for the inaction of their federal government on pollution and climate change. Now, granted, California is a prime example of what not to do in terms of land use and urban transportation. When you contribute so much to global warming, it is much easier to have an impact with reductions.

Still, Canadian local governments are heading in the wrong direction. Urban sprawl is still, remarkably, a growing problem. The city of Ottawa's proposed light rail line will only work if suburban development continues to grow on the OTHER SIDE of the green belt!

Some people will use the train, most wont! So this light rail could (will) contribute to more congestion and higher consumption of climate changing fossil fuels (see studies on San Fransisco's BART system).

Canadians have a choice: Back yards or no global warming. If most of us have back yards and side yards, then global warming will happen. Simple as that.

Most of the contribution to global warming is not controlled by the federal government. It is controlled by local (that's you Ontario) governments. Action is required immediately.

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