Last PM without degree was Robert Borden (1911-1920)

University drop-out Gerard Kennedy would be the first Prime Minister since Robert Borden (1911-1920) without a university degree.

Kennedy should drop out of the race. His 1.7% support in Quebec is an embarrassment. Most of his former Ontario cabinet colleagues do not support him.

I must admit I'm surprised, and dismayed, that Kennedy's centralist views can still tread water in Canada. I thought we had turned the page on that debate (at least in the Liberal Party). I guess not.

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Steve V said...

Borden was also Prime Minister the last time you said anything relevant.

KC said...

Yeah you run with that Buddy. I'm sure you'll sway a lot of votes with this attack.

You do realize you are implicitly comparing Gerard to a Prime Minister who guided this country through World War I and managed tp get his face onto the hundred dollar bill?

I really dont know why I both replying to you.

Scott Neigh said...

Okay, I have no interest whatsoever in the Liberal leadership race, and I am unqualified to comment with much depth on the qualities of the various candidates...but I am really uncomfortable with the way this post notes that he would be the first since Borden without a degree and immediately after calls for him to withdraw. I have a degree. I spend lots of time with people with degrees. My partner teaches in the academy, in fact. And I can say without a shadow of a doubt that having that piece of paper has precisely nothing to do with how competent someone might be to run the country -- I know people without degrees who would be great, and I know tons of people with degrees who I wouldn't trust with managing the finances for the local amateur theatre company. I know an old guy who spent his life working in a factory, drawing political cartoons, and going toe-to-toe on issues in the rough and tumble world of union politics who has more political savy in his baby toe than most bloggers have in their whole bodies. I have met older Aboriginal people who would've had not a chance to go to university because of racism and colonialism, and who quite possibly would not have wanted to go anyway because they would have seen it as nothing but an avenue towards assimilation, but they would do a better job than any of the jokers that has held the position in my lifetime. I could go on and on.

Enough of this ridiculous elitism and snobbery.

rob said...

This is way over the top.

Winnipeg Liberal said...

Attn Kennedy supporters:

Obviously this guy just wants to twist your tails. He is trying to wind you up.

Your best option is to ignore him. No matter how many rebuttals you post, he will not stop posting this garbage.

Deny him the attention he so obviously craves by not commenting here and not linking to his blog. He will soon fade into obscurity.

Altavistagoogle said...

They can't help it. They are part of the Kennedy cult and I criticised their leader.

Trying to persuade cult members is perhaps a lost cause. Still, I'd like to influence people who might consider Kennedy as a second choice. There has been a lot of disinformation about Kennedy. And I want to help English Canada understand why Gerard Kennedy just wont do.

It is a bit unfair that this blog comes up first when a search of Gerard Kennedy is made at www.search.blogger.com. Sorry about that.

But even if you disagree with me, comments are welcome.

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to influence people who might consider Kennedy as a second choice."

No worries there. All you are doing is making a fool out of yourself and discrediting your blog as legitimate. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

As a Gerard Kennedy delegate and campaign volunteer, I can say without question that Mr. Kennedy will complete his degree this coming spring.

He has been busy finishing the final courses in his program and will be awarede his B.A. in early 2007.

Good for him!

Anonymous said...

How dare you.....some of the most educated woudn't know what to do with this country..did Mulroney do so very well? Kennedy has a lot of heart and maybe a high IQ . just because he did't go through university, does not mean he is stupid, while one with a higher degree , may have a lower IQ.

Trogdor said...

Thanks for deleting my post, you coward.

Anonymous said...

"He has been busy finishing the final courses in his program and will be awarede his B.A. in early 2007."

Why are people responding to this crap like it's an issue. As some who scored in the top one percent on the LSAT, but decided to buy a van and travel instead, I say WHO CARES. Don't feed the pinhead, he obviously lacks life education and is quite narrow in scope.

Anonymous said...

It just doesn't matter how many years of university education you have. John Major, prime minister of Britain for 7 years, no university education (Kennedy has 4 years of university education).

Oh right, what Ignatieff DOES NOT HAVE:
-political experience
-leadership experience
-political track record
-any meaningful living experience in Canada for the past 30 years
-common touch
-hands on involvement with The Liberal Party of Canada
-experience in Party Renewal

Phew. I am getting tired. I will take a break and continue the list later.

Anonymous said...

The point is there is not that he has no education but there is nothing in his experience to compensate for his lack of education.


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