I am Xenophobic

Hi, my name is Sam and I am xenophobic. I realised that yesterday at work. Perhaps it is because I'm getting older, or perhaps it is because I've been in New Brunswick (Canada) for a couple of years. But yesterday, surrounded by foreign citizens, taking call after call from foreigners (80%), I started to seriously doubt the rationale for allowing so many immigrants into Canada.
One customer tried to convince me that polygamy was a good idea and that South Africa was the place to be. And, as usual, my day ended with "does anybody there speak Spanish?". -No, this call centre is in Moncton, New Brunswick. Perhaps I can transfer you to our Indian call centre. Maybe you will have better luck with them eh.
Here are two examples of why we shouldn't allow immigrants into Canada for free.
-Neo-Nazis in Israel (and no, they aren't Muslim)
Yes, I realise that we charge immigrant processing fees and filling out the forms is quite time consuming and often requires hired help. But I'm talking serious money. If Chinese at the beginning of the last century were willing to fork over today's equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars to come to Canada, surely immigrant today would be willing to do likewise. We could even set up a student loan type program to allow in poorer immigrants.
Immigration should be win win. And right now I'm not winning. I can't immigrate anywhere because Canada doesn't have any mobility agreements (notwithstanding lame NAFTA) and worse, I'm convinced my employer is paying lower wages because of all the foreign students willing to work for them.
At the very least, lets ban foreign students from working. Allowing foreign students to work is just brain dead stupid. Are they here to study or are they here to work?

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