Focus, Focus, Focus.

"Focus, Focus, Focus".

They say those are the three rules of web sites.

Jens Thiel not only has a blog about white plastic chairs, he is writing a book about them! Can a TV show be far behind?

Thiel is an artist. He has a museum piece about white plastic chairs. However, PVC furniture is big business. So is lawn furniture. If you want to read about lawn furniture, click here.

Adsence, Google's key word advertisement program, recommends keeping sites focused. It is something I have tried but failed miserably at. Anyway, look at all the key word ads this post has generated! Can the White Plastic Chair digital cable channel be far off?

I wonder if I should bother translating this post to French. "Chaise blanche en plastique" may be the post that finally gets this blog noticed...

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