iPhone Lust Part 2

Click here for the latest Diggnation (HD MP4) recorded last week (just after the Americans got to pick-up their pre-ordered iPhone 4.) 

iPhone Lust

If you are thinking about getting an iPhone (for example, you in Canada where it isn't for sale yet), check out this week's Twit MacBreak Weekly. Normally, I'd embed the video here, but I'm getting bored with that. Just click here (Youtube) and then click on "Date Added". (Show notes)

You're welcome.

Progressive Bloggers - Affiliate Blogs

Progressive Bloggers - Affiliate Blogs: "Complete List (448 in total)"

Complete List (448 in total)

Tech News Yesterday: Hulu Envy

Here is yesterday's Tech News Today video (mp4, compatible with all devices). Subjects include Hulu Plus, Becky Worley talking about her cleavage, Google in China, spies using wifi and how to make 150 grand by drugging your kid (see video below). Remember, you can get the equivalent of Hulu in Canada by clicking here.

Leaving Microsoft to Change the WorldOh, and All Things Digital has posted the Steve Balmer (CEO of Microsoft) interview (No direct mention of Windows 8). 

Best to watch all this today as tomorrow, rent day, movies and TV shows will be available to purchase (and rent?) on your Canadian PS3!  Way to go Sony.

GeekBeat Number 2

I actually had to listen to this podcast twice to register all the info. Granted, I was watching worldcup soccer on Rogers on Demand (channel 100) at the same time.

What would you put on a 3 terabyte drive? If your answer starts with "P", you may need to get out more. Just saying.

This is Cali's second GeekBeat. Number one is here. Remember, since this is a Youtube video, you can view it here on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PS3, as well as on your computer. If 3 minutes with Cali was not enough to fill your daily tech podcast news appetite , you can check out the reruns over on TWIT.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)Cali Lewis has a Kindle. For C$205, shipped, should you?


The Canadian Hulu , For Canadian Eyes Only

Spoofing your IP address to pretend you are in the USA so you can access Hulu is hard enough, but now that Hulu will be charging Americans $10 a month, what are Canadians to do? Unless you have an American credit card and are willing to fork over US$10 to illegally watch American TV from Hulu while in Canada, here is where to click (for folks with a Canadian IP address only). I call it the legal Canadian Hulu. (Updated 2010-07-14 to include History and Food, to add a network list, to solve spacing issues and to add a bandwidth warning).

***WARNING: Just like Youtube and DailyMotion , streaming TV counts towards your monthly bandwidth limit. Allow for up to 1 GB per hour, 3GB for HD content. ISP bandwidth limits: Rogers, BellBell (aka Aliant) in New Brunswick (no limit) , Shaw and Vidéotron***

BRAVO, CBC, CITY TV, CPAC, The Comedy Network, CTV, CTV NEWS, Discovery, GLOBAL, FASHION TV, Food Network,  HISTORY, LCN, MTV, NFB, ONF, Radio-Canada (SRC). RDSRogersOnDemandShowcase, SPACE, Sportsnet, TFO, TMN, TSN, TVO, Vidéotron (TVA).

Note: Some sites do not work on a PS3 3.40 as they require Microsoft Silverlight or Flash Player 10 (Flash Player 9 is in the PS3 firmware 3.40).

PS3 Compatible (tested with firmware 3.40 in June 2010):

Weeds (Season 5 has Alanis Morisette!); Trailer Park Boys; Billable Hours; G-Spot:

Dilbert; Hell's Kitchen

Mixed results with PS3:

Science (ish) shows such as MythBusters and the excellent American Logger

French language news from the same company that owns Quebec's cable company (Quebecor)

Not PS3 Compatible:

Découverte ; L'épicerie; La semaine verte ; Second regard ; Les Boys ; Belle-Baie (only until July 12th) (was season 3 filmed in New Brunswick like the first two?)

Fifth Estate; Marketplace; Doc zone

The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, South Park (entire series!)

I haven't tried with a PS3:

CTV News (click on "More channels" for quick access to all the other CTV Globemedia online content)

Hiccups (from Brent Butt who brought us Corner Gas)

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

TFO (this is the French TVO)

Saturday Night Live; ET Canada

CPAC (if want to see Steven Harper at 3 in the morning).

National Film Board (collection of the crappiest movies ever made, some in 3D !)
http://nfb.ca/              or en français.

If you are or know a Rogers Cable or Wireless customer, interesting aggregated content of Rogers Media owned stations.

If you know a Province of Quebec (or Rockland, Ontario) Vidéotron digital cable customer, TVA content (like the excellent Caméra Café).

Ice Road Truckers, Outlaws

Jersey Shore

N@ked in the House

Doctor Who

Sports highlights



Arts and Minds ; Monty Python for dummies

TMN (for Bell and Vidéotron subscribers only)
True Blood, Entourage

Food Network
Restaurant Makeover, Hell's Kitchen

Did I forget any? Please let me know in the comments.

You can also check out video podcasts, my favourites are on the bottom right of your screen (but I'll consider adding yours if you suggest them in the comments). 

GeekBrief is Dead, Long Live GeekBeat

Hopefully, the new name for Cali Lewis' new podcast, GeekBeat ,  is not a double entendre. Anyway, here is episode one of her new show.

Rick Steves: Paris 2010


Kinect or Die

Xbox 360 120GB Elite Spring 2010 BundleNow that we know sitting will kill us, perhaps Microsoft's newly renamed Kinect gaming system is worth a look. Based on what I just saw at http://live.twit.com , it involves jumping up and down (enough for Leo Laporte to work up a sweat). Way more details from Engadget. Oh, and if you like the name Kinect, you can now use it to get to my blog: http://j.mp/Kinect  (I wasn't quite fast enough with the iPad, as you have to add USA: http://j.mp/iPadUSA ).


ThisWeekIn Vs TWIT

It's not just Leo Laporte that has a 24 hour web network of tech TV (Hat tip, LA Times). This is the Jason Calacanis attempt. I question his location of Santa Monica. Unless you are doing it on the beach à la life guard show, is Santa Monica the place for a tech podcast? Laporte is 30 miles north of San Francisco and feels he is too far from the city (Silicon Valley is 30 miles south of San Francisco).

Online TV Shows by Ustream
Video streaming by Ustream
Leo Laporte's Twit.tv


Google Street View in South Africa!

Google Street View is available in South Africa!

Johanesburg stadium

Agrandir le plan


Agrandir le plan

Port Elizabeth

Agrandir le plan

Cape Town

Agrandir le plan

No More Tweet Feed

Power FriendingWhat was I thinking! I've cluttered months and months of postings with my Twitter musings. Sorry about that. If you do want to read what I tweet, go to Altavitagoogle's Tweets or follow me directly on Twitter

One negative of this move is that my blog will no longer be as fresh. Freshness, as you may or may not know, is part of Google's search algorithm. So in theory, traffic to my blog will actually drop (argh!). But I'm putting you, the reader, first.

That said, my tweets might not be pretty, but they are concise and often do link to important and entertaining sources of information. Just saying.

Happy reading.

The UK Loved the Big Brother TV Show (Media Talk)

Big fan of The Guardian's Media Talk about UK media. (Latest episode: http://bit.ly/MediaTalk2010-06-10 (MP3)). The UK is so similar, and yet completely different!

Other media podcasts:

-The Media Show (BBC iPlayer pop-up), iTunes Canada.
-NPR, On the Media (iTunes Canada link) (Latest show (MP3) is extremely good)

Any other suggestions (in English or French) ?

Leo Laporte Podcast Generates 1.1 Million Profit

Leo Laporte's Guide to Safe ComputingThanks mainly to iPad lust, I've been on a Leo Laporte binge lately. To my surprise, he isn't burning through his life savings (Hat tip to Mashable). According to Laporte in this video, his podcast is actually quite lucrative: $1 150 000 per year  (Revenu of 1.5M - 350,000).

He also explains that being a member of a podcast audience is "hard". You have to find the content, download it and then transfer it to your media player (or listen it on your computer).

Watching TV or listening to the radio is easy: you just turn it on. If you like a challenge, you might change the channel. Hence, his live feed on his web site: http://live.twit.tv. You "turn it on", and if you don't like what is on, you might add a bit of difficulty by clicking on the "on demand" video or audio feeds.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicAlso interesting, he describes his audience as geeks who are home alone and lonely. "Guys will make the screen bigger when there is a pretty girl that appears". That would certainly explain the sometimes long-winded nature of his shows. They aren't short burst of information like CNET does, they are sometimes 90 minute marathons.

Laporte is also quite aware of the serious advertising limitations of the current podcast/netcast format (video and audio). Google and Facebook can target different advertising for the same content. There is an ad for Nova-Scotia on London's The Guardien web site, for example, that I'm pretty sure Brits don't see.  On a recent podcast, a guest from Vancouver asked Leo if the product he was pushing was available in Canada. "I don't know", Leo was forced to admit.  When you are charging advertisers a CPM of $70, that kind of stuff matters.

I've noticed that Revision 3 now has country specific advertising when you stream directly from their web site. However, this country specific advertising does not appear if you watch the video via an iTunes podcast download, via Youtube or from a web site with the video embedded.


  • 17:35 Listening/Watching Leo Laporte on This Week in Google on live.twit.tv/ #
  • 17:37 I want office.live.com to work so I can tell my dad not to buy Microsoft Office. But it is not working right now. :( #
  • 18:31 Man, if you think blog advertising is making/keeping you poor, imagine what Google thinks. They only get a 32% cut! bit.ly/cVZIfe #
  • 23:05 Watching NHL Stanley Cup on my blog: altavistagoogle.blogspot.com/2010/06/nhl-player-cam-1.html #
  • 23:12 @SadaoTurner Canadian's are all watching, and rooting for Chicago. That's how much we like Obama. :) See page 2: j.mp/Moncton #
  • 23:25 This is the way to watch NHL hockey. CBC + 2 cam feeds twitpic.com/1vey6x #
  • 23:59 I don't have much to go buy, but between cheese steak a pizza, I chose pizza. Go Chicago go! ;) #
  • 00:05 #onegoal is trending in Chicago, "Flyers tie" in Philly and "soccer" in Canada (kidding about Canada, it is actually #gohawksgo). #
  • 00:12 Ch icago may have the Stanley cup, but we have universal health care. Oh wait. Dam you Obama! #
  • 00:26 Stanley Cup is a trending topic in the UK and Ireland! (But not Brazil, Mexico or London) twitpic.com/1vfeqn #
  • 00:38 Anglo-Saxons are funny. I just searched the word "Awkward" in Twitter. Some people think winning the cup is awkward! #
  • 00:57 If you shoot at someone in Mexico from the USA, and he dies, where do you go to jail? RT @CNNInternatDesk on.cnn.com/dCzew8shoot #
  • 00:58 ... That's like straight out of a recent Simpsons episode. #
  • 06:43 When you have nothing to say, embed some videos! New Diggnation + Net at Night with guest Tony Hsieh of Zappos. j.mp/Moncton #
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Lady Gaga in Alejandro

New video, Alejandro, by Lady Gaga.

Just Say No to Cats And Party Mergers + Diggnation Video

TV, politics and public transportation.

I watched the CEO of Zappos the other day on Leo Laporte say that you need to live your mission statement. What a bunch of baloney (second video at the bottom of this post). But just in case he is on to something:

-Nothing is on TV except sports, this is Summer.

-I hear the Bloc Quebecois wants to merge with the Wild Rose party. It will be lead by Mayor Miller.

-If you buy an iPhone 4, you will be less likely to have money to buy a car, and therefore more likely to walk, take the bus or, even better, stay home. Therefore, iPhones are good for the planet.

Enough wasting your time. Open a beer and watch Diggnation (if you watch this for work, the beer is tax-deductible). The serious Zappos guy (who says he fires people for not being humble) is in the video bellow the Diggnation video. I've listed the videos in order of quality. The Diggnation video is first, the Tony Hsieh video is after, because it is less good. In fact, some would say it is terrible. If I was worth 275 million dollars, would I spew nonsense on the web? (probably).


  • 16:52 Mea culpa. Merci @RogersNina ,on peut changer la langue de l'app Fan Frenzy dans les paramètres du iPhone! twitpic.com/1v3la8 #
  • 17:38 @jeffjedras I've been using Chrome to post pictures to my Blogger blog since Chrome came out. I did so Sunday. #
  • 18:01 @jeffjedras I used Chrome and the Blogger editor for this: altavistagoogle.blogspot.com/2010/06/st-andrews-app.html .I usually email #
  • 18:10 Telus distribue des pamphlets unilingues anglais, via Poste Canada, à Moncton! twitpic.com/1v3zih #
  • 18:19 Does anybody in Moncton that has 3D TV need a new friend? I'll bring the 3D beer. #worldcup #
  • 18:38 What, my iPhone 3G is not worthy of Leo Laporte (Twit.TV) live! (Ustreem app error message). Oil spill then. twitpic.com/1v423a #
  • 19:02 Twit.tv wouldn't allow me to watch it via Ustreem on my iPhone 3G. So watching it on my 42 inch TV. twitpic.com/1v44au #
  • 19:11 Streeming a live oil spill to your iPhone is the coolest thing ever! Well, maybe not ever, but still. :) twitpic.com/1v468h #
  • 00:34 Apple says no to iPhone apps with nudity, but Phoebe Cates stars in iTunes rentable Private School ? bit.ly/bnEn7K #
  • 01:28 ALTAVISTAGOOGLE: Creeping for Models in Brazil: bit.ly/9qCiiM #
  • 03:10 Leo Laporte demonstrates his We Rule prowess twitpic.com/1v7fik #
  • 04:23 @SarahKSilverman @leolaporte and @ambermac totally plugged your book on their podcast ( twit.tv/natn153 ).So don't kill any puppies. #
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Creeping for Models in Brazil

This video was on the front page of the New York Times web site. It is about this guy who goes to a small town in Brazil, hangs out at local schools, and, to borrow a term from MTV's Jersey Shore, "creeps" for potential models.

  • 07:49 Google Ad sense is broken. Right now, ESPN has taken over all the advertising slots on my blog, even for Canadians! j.mp/Moncton #
  • 11:48 If you like psychology, you will love the 90 min Steve Jobs interview on All Things Digital. What motivates a guy who has too much $ ? #
  • 11:48 @bxchen TMI ! #
  • 16:40 @RogersNina Fan Frenzy is only in English. I'm bilingual, but many Canadians are not. Please respect your French speaking customers. #
  • 17:24 The new iPhone (that can record in HD) is not waterproof. So my $150 Kodak PlaySport is still current. #
  • 17:34 The 720p video recording capability of the iPhone 4 is only 30 fps. On the Playsport, it is 720p at 60 fps. Where is my duct tape? #
  • 17:40 Apple do make nice promo videos: www.apple.com/iphone/design/index.html#design-video #iPhone4 #
  • 17:52 USA, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan will get the iPhone4 before Canada. More populous countries first? Odd. #
  • 17:53 @BenNesvig World peace, then cancer. #
  • 17:55 At least Russia doesn't get the iPhone4 before us Canucks. But Japan and Germany? They _lost_ the war. #
  • 18:07 40% better battery performance because of the A4 chip and bigger battery is why you should get the new iPhone4. For $500, pretty good. #
  • 22:04 My first tweet using Safari 5. Now the entire Apple HTML5 showcase is Safari PC compatible. www.apple.com/html5/ #
  • 22:07 I wish people who stop calling the HTC EVO a 4G phone. It's Wimax. Wimax is not 4G! #
  • 22:13 @MiitchMatch Sprint's network is not 4G. It is 3G with Wimax. Wimax has advantages and disadvantages over 4G. #
  • 22:28 I still prefer Chrome over Safari 5. However, the tabs in Chrome don't fit on my screen. Not a problem with Safari twitpic.com/1uwmue #
  • 22:39 @MiitchMatch Here in Canada, all three major carriers offer HSPA+ in major cities. Theoretical download speed: 21Mbps. They call it 3.5G . #
  • 22:43 @MiitchMatchwww.pcworld.com/article/198054/sprints_evo_phone_in_a_4g_zone_how_fast_is_it.html #
  • 22:52 @techdelight Just go to Cuba. #
  • 22:56 iPhone 4 effect on web traffic twitpic.com/1uwuat #
  • 01:10 According to Maclean's, there are 2 Saturdays this week twitpic.com/1uxt0a #
  • 02:26 "She alleges she was held captive in the basement of a [Moncton] rooming house for nearly a month." wtf? bit.ly/8ZK7D0 #
  • 02:29 The main thing that bugs me with Safari 5, is when you paste a searc h item or a web site address, you have to press enter. Very annoying. #
  • 03:56 iPhone 4 WWDC Steve Jobs keynote video finally up: events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/1006ad9g4hjk/event/index.html #
  • 05:53 Nissan Leaf electric car web site is horrible. I filled out the feedback form, but the "send feedback" button didn't work! #
  • 05:57 Note to New Yorkers, The Nissan Leaf electric car will not use "domestic" power: Quebec (hydro), Manitoba (uranium), Alberta (gas). #
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NASA are Leo Laporte Fans

Just when you think that listeners of Leo Laporte's netcast are a bunch of basement dwelling losers (potentially, like me), you get this in your blog stats. Oh, and completely unrelated, I have Safari 5 on my computer. I don't work an NASA (or anywhere else at the moment), but I have Safari 5 and you don't. Ha ha. 

By the way, if you are American and wonder why your taxes are so high, it is because NASA employees like this visitor are using expensive Mac computers.

Leo Laporte Banned From WWDC

Abby Laporte (Leo's daughter)
Funny, when people say they are going up to Leo Laporte's Twit.tv 's cottage, I had visions of a cottage in the wilderness, à la Red Green. No longer on TV, he could only afford to live in the middle of the forest, off the grid. Boy was I wrong.

The Twit TV may be in the wilderness by Silicon Valley standards, but he is in a high rent urban area by mine.

View Larger Map

But he is right, technically, it is a cottage. In the architectural sense, that is (note to self, start a tech podcast).

Anyway, Laporte may be headed to a real poor house, as he has been banned from Apple's WWDC. Reason: he live streamed the iPad announcement from his laptop. You see, Apple likes to edit the video, in case there are any Zuckerberg type mishaps  and they unveil a secret logo. Also, the second richest company in America (after Exon, thanks for asking), likes to skimp on paying for copyrighted music, so they like to edit those out. But Leo Laporte (who?) streamed the iPad unveiling live, and a whole bunch of blogs retransmitted it. And today he simply won't be in the room.

Room being the key word. Frankly, I had never heard of Laporte before I was forced to watch his stream because of a lack of alternative during the iPad unveiling. And I love tech news. According to him, his podcast audience is 250,000 ish per week. Is that worthy of a free seat at WWDC? Probably not.

Twit.tv is not the only alternative media "banned" from the room where Jobs will speak today (and undoubtedly unveil the best cell phone ever created by humans). Gizmodo, of stolen iPhone fame, will also be absent. But Engadget, the TMZ of the tech world, will be there. So, you know (insert Jobsian conspiracy here).

Just so you know, when I become CEO of the second richest company in the world, everybody will be invited to my product unveiling.

To pass the time until 14:00 Moncton time (10:00 Pacific), head over to All things D Digital 8 conference (aka, Rupert Murdoch's focus group) and listen to Jobs et al. speculate about digital flying saucers and jet-packs.

This post was quite US centric (although I did name drop Murdoch the Australian), so here are a couple of random non-American links.

-The Guardian
-Altavistagoogle on the iPhone.
-Altavistagoogle on the iPod touch


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