40 percent of Top Gear viewers are women!

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Sitemeter tells me that Top Gear's Richard Hammond has fans around the world (probably thanks to BBC World). The number one search that lands people on this blog is: " Richard Hammond dead". Tributes on both Youtube and Googlevideo (not worth your time) are probably what is causing the confusion (he isn't dead).

If Top Gear fans in Zibwabwe don't cause you to wonder, than consider that, according to an AFP article , forty percent of the BBC's Top Gear viewers are women.

Top Gear is a show about cars!

However, some might suggest that female viewers are more interested in the presenters.

"I'm not cute," the 36-year-old Richard Hammond felt he needed to explain in his Daily Mirror column. "I like doing dangerous, brave things. Maybe that's why I keep on doing all the dangerous stuff on 'Top Gear' -- because I'm compensating for being small and cute."

Hammond crashed while driving 300 miles per hour (480 kilometres per hour) in an attempt at setting a British speed record. He may have permanent brain damage, nevertheless, doctors are confident he will be back to his old self within six weeks.

Note to self, do not try and compensate for anything by driving 480 km/h.

The excellent Top Gear is no longer available on BBC World in North America. In Canada, you can catch it on BBC Canada , Saturday and Sunday at 7PM Eastern. In the USA, you are out of luck. An American version, with American presenters, may or may not come back to the Discovery Channel.

One of my favourite shows was when one of the presenters drove from London to Olso, Norway, in a very fast car. His colleagues took the more sensible route via the North Sea. The land route turned out to be the fastest. That show was great as it showcased the new bridge between Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmo, Sweden.

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