The Sopranos, AOL, Rogers and Me

The Sopranos are coming. I'm getting cable and The Movie Network because of this show. So you know I like it.

See below for my cable package. Not a bad deal, if I say so myself (I am NOT getting a commission from this).

According to the Newfoudland sales rep, $39.99/month includes all fees (plus tax). Free installation to boot. In a year they'll jack it up to a million dollars a month, but then all you have to do is ask (not threaten, ask) to cancel to get a similar deal.

More importantly, IT IS NOT A CONTRACT. You do not want to get into a contract with a "utility". It is like dealing with the mob. Best to stay at arms lenght with the possibility of going over to the competition. If you fall on to hard times, you want to be able to chose between cable and groceries, not have that choice imposed by Ted Rogers.

Speaking of good deals and the mob. I'm currently listening to The Sopranos station on aol.ca. I'm not sure how they plan on making money from commercial free CD quality streaming music, but when you see a free lunch, eat it.

Disclamor: At the moment of writing, I do not work for or have any financial interests in any of the companies that I mentioned in this blog post, or any of their affiliates, subcontractors or owning shell companies.

From Rogers:

New Package!
$39.99/month for 12 months (includes 2 Free Rogers On Demand Movies)

Includes the following:

  • Basic Digital Cable
  • Free Rogers On Demand Movies
  • A Standard Definition Digital Box
  • Rogers On Demand - Access to thousands of movies and shows at the touch of a button plus access to 500 FREE titles
  • FREE Digital Music Channels - 40 channels of commercial-free, CD-quality music
  • Interactive Program Guide - See what's on several days in advance
  • Free Timeshifting - Catch your favourite shows up to 5 times a day in different time zones

    Plus, get The Movie Network which includes 5 channels, plus The Movie Network OnDemand, that play uncut and award-winning, commercial-free movies, from HBO series and Showtime 24/7.

  • To order, call 1-866-292-1953

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