Gerard Kennedy Committed War Crimes (Reason 5 of 995 not to vote GK)

Liberal leadership candidate flunky chicken Gerard Kennedy committed war crimes in the war on poverty. He collaborated with the enemy while hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian victims suffered. He knew of the suffering, but he did nothing.

Food banks are as much in need in Ontario today as the day the Ontario Liberal government was elected. The Ontario Liberals did nothing about below subsistence level welfare payments. The Ontario Liberals did nothing about the below subsistence level of minimum wage.

Gerard Kennedy's actions during the war on poverty? A ban on junk food in schools and requiring kids to stay in school until 18 or loose their driver's license.

The major cause of poverty in urban Ontario is housing costs. The solution is higher housing density. It's a no brainer.

The Ontario NDP put in a quick band aid solution when they gained power allowing all single family dwellings connected to municipal services to have an in-house (often in the basement) apartment. The PC quickly reversed this and offered no other solution. In fact, by downloading many social and health care costs on to towns and cities, the PC made it financially advantageous to keep densities as low as possible.

The Liberals have done nothing to reverse this situation. The Liberals have invested in health care, and as a result raised taxes for everybody (including the poor).

Does Gerard Kennedy really care about poor people? Only when he benefits. Gerard Kennedy lives in a single detached dwelling in Toronto. That kind of lifestyle choice is the single biggest cause of poverty in big cities like Toronto. It is also a huge contributor to green house gas emissions and smog... Blame Rona Ambrose all you want, it is people like Gerard Kennedy who are causing the planet to warm up.

Reason 4 of 995 not to vote for Gerard Kennedy: He is a chicken ;
995 Reasons Not to Vote for Gerard Kennedy (1-3) .


Anonymous said...

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Andre Steele said...
I hate to let facts get in the way of a good rant, but this was a bit much.

The Ontario Liberals did increase the minimum wage... three times with a fourth coming in January.


The Ontario Liberals increased welfare rates for the first time since 1993. Even Bob Rae didn't increase welfare rates in his last 2.5 years.


In terms of intensification, not sure about your analysis that it is the leading cause of poverty, but the Liberals have certainly done a lot to promote intensification.


Have a nice day.

Andrew Steele

Altavistagoogle said...

Mr Steele,

The Ontario Liberals have kept minimum wage and welfare in line with inflation. So they haven't made the situation worse. But they haven't made it better.

As for residential intensification, towns and cities must contribute to things like welfare and health care out of their property tax base. Hence the incentive for cities to have large single family dwellings instead of, for example, more affordable walk-up apartment buildings.


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