Junk Mail Day: 911 was fake

Some of you may know that Tuesday is Junk Mail Day. There is very little mail on Tuesday because Tuesday mail is usually picked up on Saturday. Savvy marketers will therefor mail their junk mail Saturday so you get it in your otherwise empty mail box Tuesday.

So now you know.

Today, the only thing in my mail box was a DVD. Cool, a free DVD ! It was a propaganda video telling us that the horrible events of September 11, 2001, were all a conspiracy by the Bush administration and Israel to motivate the USA into going to war with Arab countries.


I'm not sure what the agenda behind the video is, or who paid for it, but that was one unconvincing movie.

The best part was when, for not apparent reason, they show us that monorails and sky scrapers are the way of the future and the solution to all are problems. Monorail à la Simpsons , Monorails in real life , Sky scraper utopia .

The worse part of this video wasn't the unbelievable theories and the manipulative arguments. No, the worse part was it was boring!

The guy at the beginning said books were not visual enough. So we watch a video of people talk at a conference. Then we watch a video conference in some studio (supposedly in Canada). A few dozen slides, the 911 video we have seen a billion times and that's it.

Towards the end, the actor moderating the conference tells us we have to stop using so much oil, so he tells us he drove long distance between A and B for 85$ in his hybrid car, which, the actor tells us, is cheaper then by Grey Hound (intercity bus).


1.Hybrid technology does not save any fuel on intercity highway travel (unless you are used to breaking a lot).
2. Using a hybrid car, alone, uses many times more fuel than taking an intercity bus.
3. Gas is a very small part of the cost of driving. If people calculated the actual cost of driving per km/mile (depreciation, oil, tires, breaks, insurance, etc.) they would drive much less.

The terrorists that caused the destruction in NY City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania scared me. But thinking that people might believe any part of this video is terrorising!



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