Save the Plannet: Price Cap Homes at 200,000 Dollars

Do Canadians really care about the environment? I suppose it isn't a black or white thing. It is all relative. Still, soon, childless Canadians living in three bedroom houses will be idling their cars before heading out on their 60 km commute. They will make their obligatory stopover a the donut Shop to order coffee, idling 10 minutes in the process.
Most of us are environmental by default. We don't have enough money to be big polluters. You could argue that the super rich have too much money to be big polluters, as most of their money is invested, not spent.
The problem is with the upper class middle class and the ordinary rich. They have a huge environmental impact because of their buying power and their numbers.
So here are some "radical" solutions to stop global warming that address the specific impact that the Al Gore class has on our environment.
-Ban first class airline seats (none of the "fuel efficient" Airbusses sold will have the 835 seat fuel efficient configuration!);
-Ban private jets (if you need to fly somewhere, get on a propeller plane or commercial airline).
-Ban drive-thrus;
-Maximum home price should be limited to $200,000.
-Trucks and truck based vehicles like SUVs would be limited to 90 km/hr.
-Employers would be prohibited from requiring the use of a personal vehicle.
You could argue that imposing limits is against freedom. But that didn't stop freedom loving Conservatives from banning the 99 cent incandescent light bulb in favour of the $9.99 fluorescent type! If you can't chose what light bulb to put in your home, why should you be allowed to chose the size of your house?
A carbon tax has advantages, however, the price sensitive types are already doing their part to save the environment. The problem is with the people who don't blink at paying 5 times the price of an airline ticket in order to get a few extra inches of but space. The only way to modify their behaviour, without hurting the masses, is through regulation.

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