Raise your hand to invade North Korea

Looks like North Korea was bluffing. No radioactivity detected say the South Koreans. Now what?

Leader Kim Jon-il clearly is not fit to lead North Korea. Many, many people have died of starvation as a direct result of his leadership.

But is it our problem? Should Canadians die getting rid of him? If he does develop nuclear weapons, I'm not sure what the possible ranges are, but I feel pretty safe here in New Brunswick. What is he going to do, bomb Whitehorse?

Half a dozen men were responsible for the death of about 50 million people last century. 6 guys caused the premature death (often in horrendous conditions) of 50 million people!

Maybe this century we should act sooner. And when I say "we", I mean others, I'm out of shape and to busy with my blog...


Anonymous said...

Is regime change so acceptable in today's world that it is casually mentioned as an aside as though one were discussing the weather in Naples?

Anonymous said...

That is such a silly statement to make. North Korea is NOTHING like Iraq and the global community will achieve nothing by invating the country.

So - what if we capture Kim Jong-Il - what are we going to do with the country? Re-unite it? Re-unite it with WHAT? You have over 22 million people that have been brainwashed with perhaps the most sophisticated propoganda machine. It is just disastrous.


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