Gerard Kennedy is the Only Top 4 Candidate Against Quebec Being Called a Nation

Figuring out Gerard Kennedy's position wasn't easy, but I've reached the conclusion that he is against calling Quebec a nation in the Constitution, at least in the English version.

Dion has called it desirable but not necessary. Rae says now is not the time. Ignatieff says it is necessary and we must do it at some time in the future.

So if you are against Quebec being called a nation in the constitution, vote for sixth place in Quebec Gerard Kennedy.

So what is Kennedy's position on Quebec? I don't know. Would he be in favour of the Meech Lake Accord? The Charlottetown Accord? He want's change, but what kind of change? He want's a third way that includes national education standards. That we know.


Steve V said...

You spin so much you can't remember your past.


What a hoot.

Altavistagoogle said...

Gerard Kennedy called Quebec a nation in French during the debate. A few days later he told the Canadian Press Quebec was a nation only in French! (see link in my post).

Anonymous said...

Although it may not seem subtle to you, Dion's position is very different from Ignatieff's.

Dion has never supported Quebec "nation" status as Mr. Ignatieff proposes.

He believes that Quebeckers could be described as a "nation" in the sociological sense, (much like many other "nations" within our borders or around the world), but definitely not to mean a "nation-state."

He believes that the "officialization" of Quebec as a "nation" in any way poses all sorts of problems (even if it might be "desirable"). Check out his article that appeared in the National Post last week, and you can get off of his website. (www.stephanedion.ca)

That's why he voted "no" to the resolution.

Michael Ignatieff was very clear that he wants to re-open the constitution.

At the Quebec City debate, Ignatieff said:

"Other candidates have said 'yes, it is necessary to recognize Quebec in the constitution, but to constitutionally recognize Quebec as a nation is difficult'. Well, yes it is difficult, but it has to be done. If not, what alternative do we offer to Harper's status quo and the Bloc's politics of fantasy?"

Stephane Dion disagrees. So does Bob Rae. And so does Gerard Kennedy.

Sounds like Iggy has some troubles with second ballot support.

Anonymous said...

Umm, so not calling Quebec a nation now is a bad decision>

Truedeau, most english canadians, and others think this is an awful position. (including most columnists in english canada nad Quebec)


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