Université de Moncton recrute des Affricains

L'université de Moncton recrute activement des Affricains. L'université offre même $1000 par tête aux recruteurs! Généralement, les recruteurs sont des étudiants africains eux-même.

Un des atouts de l'université de Moncton c'est que les étudiants peuvent travailler au Canada et l'industrie des centre d'appels a toujours besoin de francophones intelligents bon marché.

Moncton, ville cosmopolite? Un jour, peut-être.

En tout cas, j'espère qu'ils vont aider à l'amélioration du français... Le Shiac, j'en ai mare!

Moncton On the Beach

You'd think a bilingual unemployed professional in Edmundston NB, with any sense at all, would move west: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto or Alberta.

Well, not me. No. Not that I didn't try. I've literally applied for hundreds of jobs in those cities. I guess those folks just can't dial long distance (you precede the phone number with 1).

Anyway, with the help of couch surfing opportunities and Social Assistance (yes, in December I became a $270 a month welfare bum), I've moved to Moncton to work in, what else, the thriving Call Centre industry. Not thriving for me ($12 an hour), but I'm sure someone is making money from it.

Moncton sucks, but the ocean is nice.

So yeah, I'll be blogging less often now since I have a job and a long commute (I'm couch surfing at a beach side residence).

My jobs involves talking exclusively to French speaking Ontarians and Quebeckers, so hopefully I wont start speaking Shiac* any time soon. Not sure how my English will be affected.

But please stop by once in a while for my opinions on politics, public transportation and TV.

*Shiac is a dialect of French spoken in the Shediac-Moncton area.


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