According to Gerard Kennedy, Quebec is a Nation Only in French!

«Il y a un problème pour le Canada anglais, parce que le sens de la phrase «nation» est différent en anglais, a déclaré M. Kennedy. C'est très clair en français que oui, il y a une nation au Québec.» (Gerard Kennedy according to the Canadian Press)

Translation: There is a problem for English Canada, because the meaning of the sentence "nation" is different in English, declared Mr Kennedy. It is quite clear that in French, yes, there is a nation in Quebec.

First, "nation" is not a sentence, "nation" is a word.
Second, Scotland and Wales are regularly referred to as nations and countries. The expression "first nations" is widely used in English when talking about Aboriginals (Canada), Aboriginees (Australia) and American-Indians (USA).

"Nation" according to dictionary.com: a large body of people, associated with a particular territory, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government peculiarly its own.

Nation selon le Petit Robert: Groupe assez vaste, qui se caractérise par la conscience de son unité et la volonté de vivre en commun.

Both in the United States and Canada, "nation" is used to describe an Indian tribe and indeed is part of the name of many Indian reservations.

The word "nation" crossed over into English from Old French. It is of Latin origin. I don't speak Old French, but in modern French nation has many meanings, just as it does in English.

Gerard Kennedy is wrong to say that "nation" is not the same thing in English and French. However, since nation has more than one meaning in both languages, maybe a sentence or a paragraph would be more suitable.

I think Gerard Kennedy should stop talking about nations and start explaining to Quebeckers why they should be subjected Canadian standards on education. If he does have an explanation, I'd also suggest he give it in English as Gerard Kennedy's French is incomprehensible. And that is true in any French speaking nation.

-Gerard Kennedy Calls Quebec a Nation
-"Gerard Kennedy Does Not Speak French" (La Presse).
-Acadians do not Want Gerard Kennedy

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