Ban Pets to Combat Global Warming.

Ban pets to combat global warming.

Seriously, stock up on incandescent light bulbs, in Canada, they will soon be illegal! Light bulbs! That is the Conservative Party plan to combat global warming. Not reducing plane and car travel. Not reducing the number of McMansions sprouting on farmland around our cities. Light bulbs.

I like incandescent light bulbs (the regular kind). They are warm, easy on the eyes and dirt cheap. Dirt cheap is important when you are poor like me. Poor people by the way live in small apartments/crowded homes and walk everywhere.

I don't like halogen and fluorescent lights. I'm subjected to them all day at work and there is no way in Hell I'm going to subject myself to them in my basement apartment. I'm not even sure there is a net energy gain. In places like offices where lights are always on, they make sense. But is homes, lights are usually on only briefly, with a lot of switching on and off. Switching on and off considerably reduces the lifespan of a halogen or fluorescent light. Both of which cost substantially more than incandescent light bulbs.

So I say let us ban pets. It would save the average Canadian household hundreds of dollars a year AND would reduce global warming. A subtantial amount of fossil fuel is used to produce, transport and market pet food. Then there is all the energy humans spend to pay for said food. Then there is all the pet paraphernalia. And don't get me started on all those blogs about pets. I'm not sure how many people read them, but a few hundreds people here and there ads up to alot of electricity, much of which is powered by CO2 emitting coal and oil. And last but not least, pets, like humans, emit CO2! Banning people à la China would be outrageous. Banning pets, why not?

PS. Am I the only one who noticed that Al Gore was flying in first class in his movie "Inconvenient Truth" warning us about global warming? Ban first class! Ban private jets! Banning light bulbs?

Try this inconvenient truth: Fluorescent bulbs contain Mercury!
- NHDES Pollution Prevention Program - Mercury-
On the plus side, stray dogs eating garbage will be poisoned and die.

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