I choose Ignatieff

To be honest, I don't really care that much. But if I had to choose, I'd choose Ignatieff. Why? Well, during the sponsorship scandal, he was out of the country.

Think about it, the sponsorship scandal is why the Liberals are in opposition.

Bob Rae said the number one job of the Prime Minister is National Unity. Um, no. That kind of thinking is what caused the sponsorship scandal.

Sure, Ignatieff is a thinker. But I am confident when he realises he can't get the results he wants, he will quit to do something else.

Even though he is a thinker, being out of the country has left him clueless on many issues. But that is a good thing. He will be more open to ideas from other people in the party.

-Hi, I'm the MP from Nunavut.
-Nunavut, we are the nation north of Quebec. We have our own language and everything.
-Interesting, so what is the priority?
-A road or train tracks to the rest of Canada.
-Makes sense.

And so on and so forth. I also like his position on Saddam Hussein: he had to go. You use chemical weapons to kill thousands of members of a minority group. Buhbuy. The execution of the war in Iraq has been terrible. But sooner or later, the world had to intervene to get him out. We never, ever should have let Hussein stay in power after the Kuwait invasion.

I disagree with Ignatieff's position on torture. But you know what, I think he now disagrees with it to.

I was out of the country for almost a year. When I cam back I wanted to go into politics. I had all these ideas on how to improve Canada. I've also moved around Canada. Frankly, I don't trust someone who has lived in the same city their whole life to lead our country. Ignatieff will be an excellent leader on the world stage. Nobel Peace Prize material. And even if he doesn't contribute to world peace, I'm convinced he will be able to make some useful diplomatic deals. The domestic stuff? Well, the cabinet, MPs and party members can pick up the slack (and convince him to stay away from the constitution).

I wish he had made it clear that Quebec and Ontario can raise their taxes if they need more money for social programs. I'm sure he thinks it. The politician who taxes should be the politician who spends. Whatever politician get closest to that, gets my vote (assuming in the process they don't raise the age of consent to 35 and bring back the death penalty).

With federal Liberals with Ignatieff as leader and provincial NDP governments, Canada would be perfect. And if Quebec separates? That might be a good thing to. As long as that is what Quebeckers want (Dion et al's approval not required).

Michael Ignatieff


Oemissions said...

I don't choose Ignatieff because I don't know which members of the Liberal Party he is speaking for. I do know that he is NOT speaking in his statements for the opinions of most of the people in the Liberal Party or who joined the Liberal Party prior to the last election.

Oemissions said...

Oops, I meant to say: he is not speaking for most or all of the members of the Liberal Party that I know....in my area.


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