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L-Girl has an excellent post about the "deep integration" nonsense that has been circulating thanks to "vivelecanada" et. al. The only point I disagree with is:

More importantly, they [the Conservative Party of Canada] are not going to cruise to majority government. No one can predict the future, but that outcome seems highly unlikely.

I wouldn't bet the house either way, but I'd certainly bet with L-Girl if she gave me odds.

The Idealistic Pragmatist has an interesting post comparing Steven Harper to Hillary Clinton. I disagree with his conclusions about the people, but she does make good points about their respective parties.

I strongly disagree with L-Girl's post on Scottish, United Kingdom MP George Galloway:

When Galloway speaks tonight, I hope the Liberals will be listening.
George Galloway supported Saddam Hussein. "You are doing a great job" he said to Hussein after the Gulf War. Galloway was one of the people who got kick backs from the oil for food program. He says he didn't ask for them... Regardless, the fact that he supported the genocidal Iraq leader is beyond comprehension. Galloway should be ignored, not listened to. Who is sponsoring the speaking tour? Some Syrian association. No, Liberals will NOT be listening to Galloway.

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