Beacon Hill Has One Exit

As you may know. Fort McMurray, in Wood Buffalo, Alberta,  has one road connecting it to the rest of the world (Highway 63 until the intersection with highway 881). Beacon Hill has one road out of the subdivision.

That's not good. If you only have one road out of your neighborhood, move!

 The videos below were taken Tuesday May 3rd, 2016. Most of the homes you see were burnt to the ground. I called the videos epic when there were118 views. There are now over 800,000 and I've seen the videos on CTV, CBC, NBC, CNN and the BBC. And now you can watch them here. You really should watch them in full screen (the bigger, the better), in 1080P. These are embedded and linked, not copies, so apologies if the poster has taken them down.

My blog is usually quite political, but remember that many families in Fort McMurray lost their homes (quite likely, including the poster of the videos).

Videos contain foul language.

Beacon Hill, Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada

Fort McMurray Fire 1 of 6 Front Dash Cam

Fort McMurray Fire 2 of 6 Fire Dash Cam

Here are the links for the other 4 videos of the epic Beacon Hill escape. See if you can spot the deers almost causing an accident in videos 3 and 4.

Fort McMurray Fire 3 of 6 Front Dash Cam

Remember, if you only have one road out of your neighborhood, move!

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