New Brunswick Minimum Wage Going Up From Last to Last

The minimum wage in New Brunswick, currently $6.70, the lowest in the country, will go up to $7 an hour on January 1st, thanks to the newly elected Liberals. That will make New Brunswick's minimum wage... the lowest in the country.

Still, minimum wage is the jackpot when you are on welfare in the province. Single people physically and mentally able to work get a whopping $276 per month! Rents in NB are pretty low outside of Moncton, Fredericton and St John, but not THAT low!

Having such a low minimum wage is crazy. There are very few if any jobs that could leave the province if the minimum wage went up. The only jobs that pay minimum wage are in the services (fast food, dry cleaning, etc...) . Those jobs would continu to exist despite the higher pay. There are 9 other provinces that have proven it.

-If I Ran Canada;
-Low density zoning ;
-New Brunswick Election ;
-Lazy bums

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