Time to Make Smoking Illegal eh!

We all have to die someday. But of all the ways to die, I wouldn't wish smoking related diseases on anybody. Heart diseases, lung cancer, throat cancer, and that's is just what will kill you! Emphysema or talking out of throat mike for 30 years? No thanks.
But hey, nobody is perfect. I drink too much, consume too much salt and consider blogging exercise. I'm at a serious risk for sedentary diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and colon cancer.
But my lifestyle doesn't reduce the life span of others. I'm not forcing you to read this blog instead of exercising! And yet, when I walk in to work tomorrow, fifteen or so smokers will be forcing stroke inducing smoke on to me. And I'm not being paranoid, even short exposure to cigarette smoke is risky!
As there are alternative nicotine delivery systems (gum, the patch), there is no logical or moral reason why smokers should be allowed to shorten the life expectancy of their families and co-workers.
Alberta is finally banning smoking in public places as of January 1st. I think New Brunswick should one up them and ban smoking altogether.

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