Blame the bears: "canada is making me sad these days"

My favorite immigrant, L-Girl over at www.wmtc.blogspot.com, is suffering from buyers remorse a couple of years after choosing Canada.
I like to tease her because she left New York City, arguably the best city in the world, for Mississauga, arguably the worst. She didn't move for family or work, she moved because she honestly thought Canada was better place than the USA.
"I've been feeling so sad and disappointed in Canada lately.", she writes. Well duh, Canada sucks just as much as anywhere else. If more Canadians had tasers, there would be alot fewer immigrants roaming the streets I'm afraid. Canadians don't like immigrants. Polish ones who don't speak the language or American army runaways who do. Just the way it is.
NB. The title is an obscure Simpsons reference, when the Springfieldians stop blaming the bears and start blaming immigrants for all their problems.

1 comment:

L-girl said...

I love Canada.

I just hate you.


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