Stephane Dion is a Former Separatist!

As a leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, I guess it is better to be a former separatist than being a former federalist. But still.

As a youth, Stéphane Dion campaigned for the Parti Québécois!

According to tonight's Téléjournal on Radion-Canada, Dion was in favour of the Meech Lake Accord and, get this, he is in favour of Quebec's Charte de la langue française (aka Bill 101, bill 178, the sign law)!

I wonder how long Kennedy's support for Dion will last.


Anonymous said...

I'm an NDP supporter, but I don't think this criticism is warranted. How old do was he? I know when I was younger I made some stupid political decisions.

lance said...

anon: Was that the smartest thing to say? After a wkend when the Liberal _youth_ essentially took back the party?


Anonymous said...

This blog is Tory

Alter Boys said...

I too was a separatist when I was 15 years old. Then, just like a new-born kitten, I opened my eyes!

I know now that federalism is the best form of government.

Be it on Mars, Canada or in the Province of Québec, Stéphane Dion will wipe the floor with Boisclair, Landry, Larose, Louise Beaudouin et Al.

Haven't you learnt be now that the UnderDog always wins?


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