Gerard Kennedy Cult Members Confront Reality

In a generally favourable article today, the Toronto Star calls Gerard Kennedy supporters "cult like".

"(...)Across Canada, there is a network of supporters, many of them young, who can only be described as cult-like in their devotion to Gerard Kennedy. It's like a movement. It's his edge. To be sure, other Liberal leadership hopefuls have their share of dedicated and hard-working people who believe in their candidate. But Kennedy's people be-lieve! "

Well I believe! Check out some of the comments Gerard Kennedy supporters have been leaving here. And those were the nice ones (I'll be sure to lock my door tonight).

This is the not so secret reality Gerard Kennedy supporters would like to keep hush, hush:

Last PM without degree was Robert Borden (1911-1920) ;
Gerard Kennedy on RDI: Horrible French. ;
Gerard Kennedy is a University Drop-Out! ;
Gerard Kennedy est trop peureux pour Tout le monde en parle! ;

And my favourite:
Just Say No to Gerard Kennedy .

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Anonymous said...

You forgot AYL president Dan Arnold, AKA CALGARY GRIT in the cult!

Dan McKenzie said...

I believe Winnipeg Grit is an Ignatieff supporter. But you can definitely count me in! hehe

Ryan Ringer said...

You know, I was in the process of writing a post about how I've noticed that Gerard Kennedy supporters tend to be more... aggressive than others.

Altavistagoogle said...

Thanks Dan. Change made. Let me know if you convert ;-).

Comment moderation turned on as I want to keep comments clean.

Thank you.

Winnipeg Liberal said...

I never thought of myself as being a member of the GK cult, but looking at the other people on the list, I think I'm in good company.

Anonymous said...

What do Kennedy supporters want to keep hush???
Everybody knows he is working on his French and everybody knows he doesn't have a degree. Just what do you think you are revealing to everyone? Some big scoop??

The fact is, 17% of Liberals (young and old) think he is the best choice for leader. He is a proven Liberal with an impressive track record as a Liberal politician. He is not tied to Chretien or Martin camps. He is not tied to Adscam. He is a fresh start for the Liberal Party and he has experience in leading Party renewal. He connects with the average Canadian and he is a fantastic candidate.

I guess if every candidate supporter is part of a cult that I guess you are part of the Iggy cult.

rob said...

Why do you have to be so insulting?

The New Liberal Movement said...

What is the big deal about him not having finished his University degree... that's old news, and most have know it for months.

During the leadership, the question of his education came up sometime in May, and then dropped, because it was a nonstarter. No one cared the least bit about that.

People saw a man that had proven his worth in life and that was enough for them.

It was a nonstarter then, and is a nonstarter now. Why do you think it would get any traction now?

Furthermore, I am frankly surprised that you just found out about it, because it's been talked about before by the mainstream media...

In any case, a University degree is overrated. Believe me I know, I have two of them, and I haven't achieved a tenth of what Kennedy did at my age.

And look President Bush..., he's got one, and from a prestigious world class one at that..., and look where it got him and his country...

Anonymous said...

What's ridiculous is the belief that Kennedy supporters are more deliberately agressive than others.

Pure mythology.

Sure, Kennedy supporters respond strongly and with arsenals of reason when their guy is attacked.

But that's the problem. Iggy, and especially Dion bloggers are constantly attacking Kennedy, bringing his support into question, and refusing to engage in a meaningful dialogue on ideas.

Kennedy's supporters are effectively defensive, and we could use more people like that during an election against PM Harper.

Anonymous said...

well you seem to be more on the attack than anyone else. you are your own cult of personality!

Muad'Dib said...

And me, you forgot me.
But I'm new to the cult so I'm not yet a fanatic.

I do take offence to your post about his lack of a university education. I'll retort about it in those comments however.

Trogdor said...

Thanks for the shout out!


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