Shoshana Berman

Dear readers,

You can be a tax cheating axe murderer. I don't care. But when you belong to Liblogs or Progressive Blogs, you need to put a link. Otherwise, you are a parasite and need to be PURGED from the list.

Are the administrators of Liblogs and Progressive Blogs afraid of 38 year old Shoshana Bermen of Guelph, Ontario? That's the only conclusion I can reach. No link: purge. That simple.

As for those of you entering into flame wars with Bermen, you should be afraid a little, even if you are in Victoria and blogging at 5 in the morning. Rule of thumb, if you wouldn't say it in person in front of her boyfriend, don't post it!

The allegations in the following article have not been proven. I altered the article by removing the names of the alleged victims and the alleged assailant's ex-husband.

John Mutton is running for mayor of Clarington even though he has been charged with assault (details have not been released to protect the alleged victims). So I guess Ms Berman should be able to go to the Montreal Liberal Convention and continue to blog. But if she doesn't link, her blog shouldn't be listed.

FYI. Please keep in mind anonymous bloggers like myself could have criminal records as long as our arms (I don't, but if I did you would have no way of knowing). But since Berman uses her real name to enhance her credibility, I feel it is my duty to inform. I think what bugs many bloggers is not her potential violence, but the potential that she is lying on her blog. Is she really a teacher as she posted on her blog?

Read the article that was written in April then read the posts from her blog from May. I'll let you decide if you really want to spend any time debating issues with her.

From the Daily Mercury. Guelph, Ont.: Apr 21, 2006. pg. A.4. :

Son feared mom, court hears
Fourteen-year-old boy was scared his mother 'might hurt me . . . if I stayed'

GUELPH (Apr 21, 2006)

A Guelph mother held her teenage son in a headlock while cutting off a chunk of his hair, then grabbed the boy by the jaw before saying she wished she'd had an abortion, a court heard yesterday at the start of the woman's trial.
Z, 14, testified he was at his mother Shoshana Berman's home last Sept. 5. The boy said his mother asked him to come into the front room of her home so she could cut his hair, and that he refused and said he did not want his hair cut.
The diminutive boy told the court Berman reacted to this by repeatedly swearing and calling him names, including "jerk" and "bastard."

Z said his mother grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the front room, where she pushed him into a chair.

The boy said his mother pulled a towel tightly around his neck, and when he complained it hurt, the woman instead grabbed him in a headlock.

Z said he continued to struggle and put his hands on his head in an attempt to prevent the haircutting. He said Berman pulled his hands away and quickly snipped off a large chunk of hair from the back of his head.

The soft-spoken boy said he went into his bedroom and his mother followed him, still carrying the scissors.

Z said his mom pushed him against the wall and then grabbed him by the jaw, lifting him onto the tips of his toes. He testified his mother said if he did not co-operate and let her continue cutting his hair she would kill him.

Z said Berman was "extremely angry" during the exchange, noting her face was red and he could see the veins popping out on her neck.

The boy said his mom finally went downstairs, calling out behind her, "I wish I had an abortion."

None of the allegations has been proven in court.

Berman, who has pleaded not guilty to assault with a weapon and has not yet presented her defence evidence, shook her head during much of her son's testimony.

Z said he packed a few things and left the house, walking to a nearby pay phone where he called his father, X.

Berman and X are divorced and until these allegations had joint custody of their son.

Z said his dad told him to go to the police station, where he met his son a short time later.

The boy said his stepfather was outside the home cutting wood at the time of the alleged assault.

He said he did not tell the man what happened inside because in the past he would get blamed when his mother was angry at him.

Berman is representing herself, but Douglas appointed local defence lawyer Joe Fera to cross-examine Z to prevent the woman from questioning her own son.

Under cross-examination, Z conceded there were differences between his statement to police and his evidence in court, including the nature of the profanity his mother is alleged to have used.

Z explained he was not comfortable telling police the precise words Berman used, so withheld some of them when giving his statement.

While at one point on the videotaped statement Z said he was not concerned his mother would hurt him, he insisted yesterday he was "scared that she might hurt me . . . if I stayed," which is why he left the house.

The trial will continue Oct. 30.

Berman objected to the lengthy adjournment "for the sake of my son," but Douglas explained this is the first available court date when there is sufficient time to hear the rest of the evidence.

Assistant Crown attorney Judith MacDonald said she has two more Crown witnesses, while Berman said she will be calling four or five defence witnesses including herself.

Now read what she wrote in May:

White Bread Does Not Make You Gay: Update

So, I was just over-hearing my students conversations, as I always do. Eaves dropping being part of my professional training.

I heard one of the guys say, "White Bread Makes You Gay" I've heard worse than this, so it was within the realm of a plausible comment. Being a biology teacher and an anti-homophobia kind of person in general, this comment was not going to go unchallenged in my classroom.

So, I started a diatribe about how eating white bread Does Not make you gay. Then the students said, "No Miss he said, eating white bread makes you gain!" How ludicrous is that? I wish I had a tape recording of me lecturing my students on how white bread does not make you gay. Classic! And bloggers think me talking about Count Chocula loses me credibility.

Oh well, the heat is addleing my brain. I swear the schools should close when it's over 35 degrees in a classroom in the morning.

Update: So after school I was chatting with the Vice Principal about some difficulty I had with a student in the afternoon, but said it really was very hot and that was probably part of it. So the Vice Principal says to me, "Yeah I was kind of hoping a teacher would phone in a work stoppage to OSSTF for health and safety concerns so I could close the second floor. Students should not be writing summative exams in those conditions." If I had only known! I would have been more than happy to oblige him with a work refusal to OSSTF.

Sometimes it's better not to have information, than to have it too late. Yesterday's torture on the 401. Today's brutality on the second floor of a high school.



What's all this Crap About Being Nice? We Need Someone Who Can Come Out Swinging

I think I know why everyone thinks we have to be nice during this leadership campaign and why it's a bad idea.

People don't have enough brother's and sisters anymore.

You know why Chretien could come back at anything that was thrown at him? He has 18 brothers and sisters.

I've never understood the whole whiney cry baby, just play nice and ignore bullies, or complain about it school of thought.

I have four brothers and sisters, five of us within seven years, who regulary beat the snot out of each other.

Bullies at school could never have any effect on me, they couldn't do anything that came close to what my brothers and sisters did. And if someone really tries to bully you, you know what you do? Beat the crap out of them until you win.

Here's a hockey story to also illustrate this point; The best player on my brothers hockey team was black. At one game, a players on the other team kept calling him a n***er at face off. The ref gave the kid a final warning to play nice. So, at the next face off, his mother, who was behind us in the stands, decided to call this young player a N***er instead. My mother in her fox fur coat, wife of a physician, mother of five, turned around, punched the women then had her eveicted from the the arena.

Sometimes you've just got to swing! (That's also my Mother's Day Post)

So, my theory on who to pick as the new Liberal Leader is to pick the one who has the most brothers and sisters, won't be a whiney cry baby and will come out swinging.

Does anyone think the Conservatives are going to play nice when the writ is dropped?

Chretien 18 brothers and sisters, I rest my case.


Montreal or Ottawa for the summer; I still need help?

So I'm in Montreal visiting SISSY of the Stupid Bitch and SISSY Report.

I told Sissy that I was suposed to be an organinzer for the LPCO in South Western Ontario, but that no one had contacted me because, well, they're really unorganized.

She said, "WoW what a conundrum. I think you should take some assertivenes training Stupid Bitch in oder to get the LPCO to organize the organizers to organize."

What do think Bloggers? Do I need assertivess training? Or is SISSY still recovering from her "Girls Gone Wild", whiskey drinking, pass out in a bar, vomit green all the next day adventure last night.

I burned some Sweet Grass to purify and cleans poor SISSY back to fine form. She told me that, sometimes the air is kind of cummy. You know, that spring time, heady pollen in the air kind of cummy. So, I think she was OK.

SISSY wants me to live in Montreal for the Summer, but I can make another friend's shed into a cool pad in Vanier.

I want to learn how to speak French and maybe cook professionally, or do something else simple for money in the summer. I'm feeling kind of simple. Ottawa's great, but so is Montreal and I really miss SISSY.

Where should I live Bloggers? Keep in mind that there are a lot of Igsters in Montreal who might try to give me de-assertiveness training, but that SISSY loves me just the way I am.

I would probably have to pay to live in Montreal, but could live in Ottwa for free and get a part-time job at a little NGO that I know.

Wait SISSY says, "My throat hurts. I think it's from the vomitting." Let's hope so SISSY! God, I love that woman, but I don't think she's up to giving a report for the Ladies Auxillary today.

I'm torn. Help me out.

Love Always Stupid Bitch.

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********Update 2006-10-03********

Just to prove my point, Red Tory kindly wrote about his criminal reccord a day before my post:

Red Tory said...
I can up that Andy. Five counts of Breaking and Entering (youthful indiscretions) and one count of Criminal Mischief. I rather like the latter crime because it makes me laugh. (Well, it?s completely unfunny, but I still can?t help but laugh at it.) Yep, the RCMP spent approx. $100,000 or more by my estimation, with two gumshoes working valiantly for a year and a half on the case and for all their effort and despite a ponderous evidentiary brief that would have made a quite excellent doorstop, they managed to nail me with a petty-ass ?criminal mischief? charge. I promptly copped a nolo contendere and paid a $600 fine.


Anonymous said...

Yes, she is a parasite and needs to be taken off Liblogs. I already wrote to Cherniak, but haven't received a reply. It would help if more people contacted Cherniak and let it be known that Shoshana Berman is not wanted on the Liblogs blogroll.

Red Tory said...

The Liblogs link thing I could really give a toss about (although I agree with you and Werner that it does seem a bit parasitic to not link at all ? that?s just outright freeloading) but her demeanor, vicious attacks, unfounded allegations and grotesque buffoonery are a discredit to her preferred candidate, to her supposed convictions, to her party and to liberals and progressives in general.

By the way, I stand by what I write and will not be bullied by anyone. Most especially not by a shrill, embittered harpy seething with rancorous hatred at those whom she perceives as being her enemies. It?s time for her to get help with her personal demons.

Anonymous said...

Shoshana Berman has also called Antonio Di Domizio (fuddle-duddle.blogspot.com) a fascist because of his Italian roots and asked how many Jews his grandfather killed... she accuses others of bigotry when she is bigot herself... a very unstable one at that.

GuelphGoddess said...

I've just come across this (rather old) post, but will add my two cents. I have the misfortune to know her personally. The woman is poison, with a trigger-temper. She stabbed a Guelph bankteller in the hand with a pencil, when the teller didn't give her the information she wanted. She also had a years long ongoing fight with her neighbour on Toronto Street, Guelph over a property line dispute, and drilled holes through the attic wall into her neighbour's house.... I could go on and on, but I prefer to forget about her... The last I heard, she moved to Montreal, and her old neighbours on Richardson Street, Guelph threw a big party, they were so glad to see the back of her. She made people's life hell, wherever she lived. I would not be surprised to see her in the Montreal paper court columns. She is a sad excuse of a human being.

As to the question of whether she is a teacher, she sometimes substitute-teaches for grade school. My children said she was mean and vicious, and were glad when she was no longer asked to teach as a sub.

I also know for a fact there is not a lawyer in Guelph that will take any of her cases on anymore as she now has the reputation of being a client from hell. Ditto with any real-estate agents, ditto with any home-renovation companies.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you she is now living in Port Coquitlam BC. She IS poison.

Anonymous said...

She has moved to Squamish in April 2017. Also goes by Shoshana Knits, or Shoshana Kiidumae.
Already made her presence felt with the neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Now she is making all her neighbors lives hell in Squamish also. The RCMP have been called numerous times to the strata complex here. I think she is insane and needs help.

Anonymous said...

OMG I live in squamish called the cops on her today. I honestly can’t believe I found this site. It’s absolutely confirms how crazy she is. My neighbour informed me about her list of restraining orders against her. The cops knew exactly who she was when I called and I only gave a description.

Long story short her off leash dogs attacked my leashed dog and when I told her to get her dogs away she said she would kill me and her dogs can do as they wish because we were on crown land and she thinks there are no leash laws. Sure thing lady. That why the cops gave u 2 tickets today. Loser.

Her negative and violent ways are just unacceptable. Go back to Ontario Soshana Knits/Kiidumae/Berman whatever u name is these days.

Fyi her partner owns a movie prop company and her son Sasha ( the one she attacked) ran for council in squamish last fall and lost badly.


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