Moncton's Fashion Magazine: Pink Blitz

Moncton, New Brunswick, has a fashion magazine. Moncton. New Brunswick.

I'm not from Moncton. I've been here the latter part of a decade. My first impression of Moncton: people are fat and fashion does not exist. But now there is a fashion magazine. In Moncton, where half the active population works in a call centre and the other half works in a warehouse (that's a slight exaggeration, as there are services to support those workers, and 2 universities, 3 if you count Mount Allison in Sackville). 

What makes this Pink Blitz magazine "different" is that it features all sorts of models (and all sorts of fashion?). Frankly, I don't understand Pink Blitz. But I'm not part of the target audience. Still, to see New Brunswick locations featured in a fashion magazine is pretty cool, if a tad bewildering. 

Look at this photo in Edmundston, New Brunswick. The paper mill, the Trans-Canada Highway, the Madawaska river. The hills in the distance are part of the Appalachians, in Maine. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? A perfect spot for a fashion shoot! In the winter, obviously. Miami Beach, eat my shorts (since it is cold in January here in New Brunswick and I really don't need them) ! By the way, Madawaska Maine, across the Saint John River from Edmundston, is the most northern point of US highway 1. Miami is on the southern end (the highway's most southern point is in Key West, Florida). 

The lovely unnamed model on Page 64 of the January issue of Pink Blitz cleverly hides the paper mill (I think it is now closed).

Pink Blitz:

I don't know if there is an actual paper version, but certainly someone put a lot of time and effort creating something could be an actual paper magazine.

Here is the URL for the online Flash required magazine. You can also Google Pink Blitz. Pink Blitz Magazine has got good page ranking, that's half the battle. ;-)

Pink Blitz Magazine (Sadly, not iOS (iPad/iPhone) compatible): 

For publishers inspired by Pink Blitz, please be advised that Southern New Brunswick doesn't yet have an alpine skiing, surfing or luxury lifestyle magazine. Just saying.

Hat tip for the 411 on Pink Blitz goes to plus size model Sunny Shine of Moncton.  


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