China: Ethnic games tainted by cross-dressing cheats

China: One big happy family? Not so much.

According to the state run Xinhua news (about as trustworthy as Fox News) via Ruters :

Athletes representing China's 55 ethnic minorities assembled in southwestern Yunnan province last week to compete in blow-pipe darts, horse-riding events and other traditional sports.

But blind pursuit of victory lead to some unorthodox tactics, Xinhua news agency reported.

Results of the women's dragon-boat racing event were reviewed after athletes complained of "big women with Adam's apples," Xinhua said. Referees subsequently found that several of the competitors were actually men wearing wigs.

The article goes on to describe fighting and an angry mob.

I've often wondered about China. Will it survive the end of communism? Probably not, but how bad will be breakup be? Will there be pent up animosity against the ruling ethnicity? I'm fairly ignorant on this subject, but considering how many products in my home were made in that country, I'd like a heads-up so I can stock up at Zellers or Walmart before it is to late.

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