With the Higher Dollar, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron, Shaw, ExpressVU and Star Choice Are Ripping Us Off

A good chuck of our cable or satellite bill goes to pay for American channels and Canadian cable channels loaded with American content. So where is the currency rebate eh?
As far as I see it, cable and satellite companies are getting rich of our backs. Ditto for cable channels loaded with American content (for example, TMN).
Now, you could argue that Canadians were getting American content at a rebate all those years, but that would only be a valid argument if Canadian channels start paying MORE for the American shows.
Advertisers are also getting fleeced. If Homer costs the same as last year, why are Canadian advertisers forking over the same amount of cash to Global? Worse, American companies are forking over MORE money (in American dollars) to Global TV to reach Canadians that are watching American TV.
By the way, The Office (9PM ET)  and My Name is Earl (8PM ET) premiere tonight on NBC (The Office is carried 2 hours earlier in the Maritime on Global).

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