Sitel Moncton Does Not Pay Enough Unless You Do Not Speak English

Sitel Moncton pays its French speaking Bell Sympatico tech support workers $12/hour. English speaking employees get $11.30/hour.

Sitel Moncton is so desperate for employees that the company advertises on the radio. Not necessarily a bad idea, since what they are paying attracts high school drop outs...

What irks me in the radio ad is the catch phrase "Why work anywhere else?" How about because all the other call centres in town pay more, eh!

ICT, $14/hour.

Call centre agent - technical support

-Call centre agent - technical support (Bilingual High Speed Tech Support)

-Experience: 0 - 6 months
-Communicate electronically and in person with computer users experiencing difficulties to determine and document problems experienced.

-Weekly pay! No Sales! Tech Support for High Speed ISP. $12.00/hour base. Plus $2.00/hour attendance bonus paid out weekly.
720 Coverdale Road
Riverview, New Brunswick



Call centre agent - technical support $12.5/ Hourly for 40 hours, Other Benefits. (30 vacancies )

Experience: Will train

Communicate electronically and in person with computer users experiencing difficulties to determine and document problems experienced.

AOL 3045085

Call centre agent - technical support Salary: $12.00 Hourly for 37.5 hours per week, Other Benefits. Location: Moncton, New Brunswick (24 vacancies )

Work Setting: Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Experience: Will train

Languages: Speak English, Read English, Write English

Other Information: $1.00/hour shift premium after 8:00 PM,Complimentary FREE High-Speed Broadband DSL Internet


If you are attracted by the location of Sitel Moncton, in the Moncton Industrial Park, then might I suggest nearby RBC.

3033231Customer service agent

$28000/ Yearly for 37.5 hours, Other Benefits

********However, and this is a big however, if you don't speak English, than Sitel is a good choice as all the above postings require English speaking skills whereas Sitel doesn't*************

-Moncton is the Help Desk Capital Of the World


Anonymous said...

i have wrked at Sitel for 6 months and i have been in and out of call centers and they are stressful yes, but Sitel is a great call center to work for since i was 20 years old and i'm now turning 28

Anonymous said...

I'v worked at Sitel for roughly 5-6 months aswell. I went in doing Internet Troubleshooting support. They said there was no sales involved. After training, I learned that Sales was a big part of it aswell. So they lied. and then after a few months, They gave me double the call flow by adding me into the Billing department with 2 days training and no raise. I had no say. If i didn't do it, i would of lost my job. As said. Sitel = evil in my books. ^^

Anonymous said...

i worked for sitel in bathurst.. was in sales.. they took away our sales titles and our contracts cause they "switched campagns so our contracts werent valid". our sales dropped dramatically because we became a billing department and i had to go from days to whenever the hell they felt like scheduling me for... it was great untill they did all this... obviously everyone quit and now the call center cut back from about 300 having #1 customer service in the country to 50 employees... gee i wonder where they messed up... respect your employees assholes -.-

Anonymous said...

I currently work for Sitel Moncton in internet retention. They continually change my schedule and cut back my hours. I was hired as full time but then they started giving me hour long lunch breaks (unpaid) instead of 30 minutes. Then my shift changed from 12-8 to 12:30 - 8, now it has been cut back even more to 1-8 with an hour long break. So now I am only getting 30 hours a week when it is supposed to be 40. The worst part about this though is that they are hiring a new retention class. What is up with that.

Anonymous said...

Sitel Moncton doesn't know there head from there ass.
And they hired that new class so they could flush out the higher paid employees what I don't get is WHY ENGLISH ONLY??!! When they need bilinguals.
One month you're cut back to almost part time hires and the next you're working extra hours and there is nothing you can do about it.
I saw we should all learn from our customers: Cancel and go to Rogers.


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