MySpace: web 2.0? Yah right!

Ok, I'm 32. I've been told by many at MySpace that I'm OLD.

How MySpace has attracted so many young people in just three short years is beyond me.

As far as I can see, it is just a slow, buggy and completely undependable version of Geocities.

Granted Geocities never had so many Swedish women at their site. And I never would have expected to get a date on Internet Relay Chat. And the feature that I really enjoy: search 2 miles from my postal code. Even in a bar you can't be that selective. With the price of gas what it is, that is the killer app.

This morning I was informed that my Myspace space had been deleted. Wow. In just two short weeks I had developed relationships that I wasn't ready to loose. I should have made a backup! I should have wrote down the names of my friends. All those clever blogs that I wrote. Gone for ever.

I had a reason to be deleted (although a bit harsh). I had posted the chat that I witnessed between three lesbians in the Myspace politics room. Considering all the teens that use Myspace, I figured maybe it was inappropriate and one of my "friends" had betrayed me to the Myspace police.

It is weird. Adult users can no longer brows the sites of teens under 16 (makes sense), but 14 and 15 year olds cans brows the sites of the over 18 crowd. Weird, like I said.

Anyway, I wasn't a total loss, I still had access to the Myspace chat rooms (after the lesbian group sex conversation, now my favorite place in Myspace), and I quickly found out that a lot of people were getting that error message.

So I wasn't deleted. But the site is still incredibly buggy. So much so that people are starting to use alternative services. Do a blooger.com search of "myspace" and you will see many examples.
MySpace is to the Internet what Coca Cola is to beverages. Popular but completely unnecessary. Worse, they treat the world like one big anglo world. Granted, I'm not motivated enough to learn Swedish, so I'm gratefull. And accents seem to work (they don't always work properly in blogger).


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