Gerard Kennedy Campaigned Against the Federal Liberals

"The big loser so far seems to be Saint Gerard Kennedy, the darling of the Toronto media, who is not picking up as much grassroots support as he expected." ( Eye Weekly, September 26, 1996)

After later loosing the leadership race, perhaps we can forgive Kennedy for campaigning against the Liberals in the 1997 federal elections.

I guess he is more loyal to his friends than to the party. Who will university drop-out Gerard Kennedy support after he looses this time?

May 17, 1997.

Gerard Kennedy, who came a close second to Liberal Dalton McGuinty in last December's leadership contest, has gone offside with the boss over the federal election.
Kennedy and other members of the Liberal caucus at Queen's Park, including GTA critic Mike Colle, have broken party ranks to support Liberal maverick John Nunziata.

Nunziata was tossed out of the federal caucus by Prime Minister Jean
Chrétien after he kicked up a fuss about the Liberal's broken GST promises, and denied Liberal party status in the current election. But Kennedy, who was recently appointed to the post of caucus-party liaison by McGuinty, has decided to support Nunziata, who supported Kennedy when he was elected to the Legislature last year.

Liberal insiders are unhappy with Kennedy, but even more unhappy with McGuinty, who refuses to tell Kennedy to toe the party line.

So much for party discipline.

The Park is written by eye's Queen's Park insider.


Anonymous said...

I was a fan of Nunziata, and always respected him for standing up for his principles. This just makes me like Gerard more. He's a guy who will do what is right, not just what his party thugs order him to.

Liberal Pebbles said...

Wow! what a great job! John Nunziata was such a bad man!

That 'column' in Eye Weekly doesn't even list an author. Their as credible as you!

Your line that Kennedy campaigned against the Fed-Liberals lead me initially to think, oh he endorsed the NDP in 1997, but no, he just campaigned for a Liberal kicked from caucus. Yawn, nothing special.

If this is a big issue for you (internal party conflict) you haven't been in the party very long at all.

Muad'Dib said...

Oh no. I supported Nunziata too! Guess I should throw out my collection of Cretien Christmas cards?


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