Afghan Immigration to Canada

I'm not saying Afghans immigrating to Canada would be a bad thing. Just something to think about.

From Travel Handbook Eastern Canada:

Dutch emigration to Canada peaked between 1951 and 1953, when an average of
20,000 people per year made the crossing. This exodus followed the harsh
in Europe as a result of the Second World War. One of the reasons many
chose Canada as their new home was because of the excellent relations
the two nations, which specially blossomed because it were mainly
troops who liberated The Netherlands in 1944-1945.

On the plus side, according to the Canadian Encyclopedia:
"The 2001 Statistics Canada census recorded 923 310 (single and
multiple response) people of Dutch origin in Canada. The Dutch quickly adopted
Canadian culture and traditions, and they have been integrated almost to the
point of invisibility

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