Would You Believe In God If he was an Atheist ?

According to Newsweek, 62% of Americans wouldn't vote for an Atheist. I find that rather shocking. Would they vote for someone who doesn't believe in the Tooth Ferry or Santa Clause? Yes. Same thing, right? ;-)

Now, granted, the term "atheist" has many meanings. It is often associated with people trying to convince others that God doesn't exist. Would you vote for someone who went around day care centres warning the children that the Tooth Ferry and Santa Clause don't exist? No, you wouldn't.

So maybe that's it. But if the survey had asked "Would you vote for someone who doesn't believe in God?", and the results were similar, then WOW.

What if, after a lifetime of discriminating against Atheists, it turns out God is an Atheist.

Who would be red faced then eh?

Personally, I'm more of an Agnostic. I don't believe in God for the same reason I don't believe in the Wizard of Oz (by the way, was that some sort of Atheist propaganda movie?). However, I've been wrong before. So I keep in mind that God might exist and that she might be a black lesbian in a wheel chair. Therefor, I avoid discriminating against black lesbians in wheel chairs (Asian lesbians in wheel chairs are an other story).

And why should God be a dictator? If God does exist, shouldn't he or she be chosen by the people in heaven? With term limits. Could heaven really be heaven without democracy?

Update (2007-05-05): Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) was also inspired be the survey.

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Librocrat said...

I saw an adult video about Asian lesbians in wheelchairs. It gave me an entirely new perspective on them.


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