Bloody Sunday in New Brunswick?

George Bush sings U2's Bloody Sunday at Google Video.
British Army Over Reaction
Many people don't seem to realise that Bloody Sunday is about the horribly violent reaction by the British Army to the peaceful protest by Northern Irish Catholics in (London)Derry, Northern Ireland/Ulster/Six Counties/North of Ireland, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, on Sunday, January 30, 1972.
Northern Ireland and New Brunswick
I often think that Northern Ireland (or whatever you want to call it) is alot like New Brunswick. Quebec would be the Ireland in this comparison and Canada, of course, the UK.
New Brunswick division
Around 30% of New Brunswickers are French speaking. The vast majority are Catholic. You could basically divid the province diagonally. French and Catholics on the North-East side, English and mostly Protestants on the South-West side. English speaking Miramichi is the obvious exception.The empty forest of the middle of the province might also object to being branded as French Catholic or English Protestant. And as with all divisions, there are some tricky places like the Moncton area.
Quebec a country
When Quebec becomes a country, and it will, many in New Brunswick may object to being on the wrong side of the border. Now of course, Ireland is on a small island, so people could perhaps have rightfully expected the whole island to have remained in the same country when Ireland achieved Independence in 1937. But really, Belfast is pretty close to Scotland even if there is some water in between. (Just like Moncton and PEI).
The Future
Will Northern Ireland ever be part of the country of Ireland? Will Acadians ever feel the need to merger their territory with the French speaking country of Quebec?
Will Moncton ever become a modern day Belfast?
Merge New Brunswick and Quebec
Maybe the answer is to simply merge all of New Brunswick with Quebec. And why wait? Merging the two might also delay independance of Quebec, and when the sovereignists seem likely to win, we'll give them Nova Scotia and PEI.
Beer at the depanneur: NEVER!
Now at this point, some of you maybe worried. Inexpressive daycare, abortion on demand, Sunday shopping. Beer at the grocery store!  "Never, not in my country!" you yell out. Well you are not alone, join the struggle, join the Orange Order of Canada before it is too late. Actually, they may be to wimpy, maybe the Orange Order of the UK would be better suited for this struggle.
Just to be safe, maybe Canada should rejoin the United Kingdom .
Let the violence begin!*
*Sorry Mr. Pope, no Muslims would be involved in this violent scenario.


Anonymous said...

hi thanks for your comment ! I want to finish my finnish courses before started another language ... :)

Abortionist said...

Stop the transvestite Ratzinger alias "Benedict"! If this hypocrite ever manages to ban abortion in Canada, say this: "Good morning, Sir Druggist. Could you please give me a small box me of Misoprostol of 200 micrograms?" CYTOTEC or Misoprostol is a medication approved for the treatment and prevention of gastritis, but one of its side effects is causing the expulsion of the fetus and associated matter during the first weeks of pregnant women?s gestation. Or rather, the ?miniabortion?, because it is not ?abortion?. Or are you going to me to tell me that expelling a little worm or tapeworm it is an abortion? If to that we go, then in each ejaculation men aborts 800 million human beings, as that is the number of little tadpoles that go away in that sticky and white liquid whenever the volcano explodes: one little humanoid, two little humanoids, three little humanoids? You take, therefore, lady, two tablets of CYTOTEC with water, you insert other two in your cunt and there you are! Holy remedy! The sow won?t give birth any longer. No longer will Canada give birth to another Kimveer Gill, another Mad Trapper of Rat River, another Steven Harper, another Jack Ramsay, another Rene Leveque, another Jean Chretien, another Scott Bairstow, another Frank "Dunie" Ryan, another Edwin Alonzo Boyd ? - And what about His Excellency Archbishop Luigi Ventura? - Fuck the beggar priests! They beg ?to give?, but they never give out of its pocket. À LA TRAVESTIE POLONAISE ET SES SBIRES DE L?OPUS DEI ET LA COMPAGNIE DE JÉSUS, que notre seigneur SATAN accueille à bras ouverts dans son chaudron bouillant!

Benoit Lapierre said...

Vous croyiez réelement que le conflit québec/canada en est un de religion ?

en lisant ce genre de merde.
Demandez vous pas pourquoi on n'a jamais voulu de vous.

Let's violence begin...

Altavistagoogle said...

Mr Lapierre, c'est un commentaire sur le commentaire d'Anonymous ou sur mon billet?

On parle irlandais en Irlande. Le conflit Irlande-RU ne portait pas que sur la religion!

Mais on doit admettre que la religion est une partie importante du conflit Québec-Canada. La religion catholique a une profonde influence sur la culture du Québec et de l'Acadie.

C'est qui le "vous" et le "on" de votre commentaire?


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