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I just discover the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista. Now that I no longer have to press "print screen" and paste and edit contents in the "Paint" program (I feel sorry for you Windows XP users), I have gone a bit snipping crazy.

My first project is a twitter version of my favourite blog: We Moved to Canada, aka wmtc. Because, lets face it, life in Canada is too enjoyable to spend it reading a blog from an American in Mississauga.

My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 17:20 Just got fired. No severance. I'm not even sure I'll qualify for Employment Insurance. Anybody know how to rob a bank? #
  • 17:24 Hey Harper, I could use senate seat right about now. #
  • 18:10 @cr0vax Merci. Moi aussi. Je détestais l'emploi et l'employeur mais la prochaine job risque d'être pire.... C'est la vie. #
  • 02:34 @RogersKeith WTF! Episode 2 of Mad Men season 3 is now listed under season 2! There was a moment of panic twitpic.com/fy31x #
  • 02:39 Video on demand is Roge rs' only competitive advantage over Bell and Shaw Satellite and yet they screw it up. I miss Ted. #
  • 06:13 @Heathonist Admitting to drug taking and copyright violation in the same tweet! Think about Mark Cuban's $10,000 fine (because of a tweet). #
  • 06:37 $40 to rent a movie!?: bit.ly/qG0N8 #
  • 06:42 Now that I'm unemployed, I'm no longer financing the stupid useless war in Afghanistan. #
  • 06:45 I'm inspired by the "Buy American" clause signed by Obama and the white Senate. From now on, I'm only buying stuff made on my street. #
  • 06:52 A Toronto customer screamed that I was a fu**ing a**hole, and I get fired for "provocking" him. This one is going to be hard to accept. #
  • 06:57 @cr0vax La corruption est possible, mais je penche plutôt vers l'incompétence. #
  • 07:00 @cr0vax C'est encore pire dans les grosses enterprises. En autant que l'argent rentre, le gaspillage causé par les mauvais choix est caché. #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 04:02 @RogersKeith Cool. Mad Men episode 302 (and 302 (HD)) finally on Rogers on Demand in Moncton. Thank you! #
  • 04:10 I loved Barcelona (1994). It would have been even better with Penelope Cruz and Scarlet Johanson in bed together. #
  • 04:17 If Woody Allen ever makes a movie in Quebec City, everybody will speak English and the foreign tourists will take English lessons there. #
  • 04:20 Why would someone doing a thesis on Catalan culture take Spanish lessons. Makes 0 sence. Spoiled movie (Vicki and Cristina in Barcelona). #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 07:01 Hurricane Bill was blamed by a customer for an outage. Then Saint-John's customer realised there was an unplugged cable... #
  • 07:04 Call me crazy, but I've noticed way more fancy cars than usuall in Moncton this week... #
  • 07:08 It is sad that lately I have been getting more action in Liberty City than in Moncton. Thank you Michelle. #
  • 01:49 Hey @RogersHelps , when will New Brunswick get episode 2 of Season 3 of Mad Men on Rogers On Demand? #
  • 01:54 @Tamara_Morgan No. Although, if you watch season 1 after 2, like I did, there will be a couple, &quo t;oh, now I get it"s. #
  • 01:58 Arrgh. Rogers cable, wake up! RT @smbutler Mad Men episode 303 premieres Sunday night, yet is already available On Demand. [in Georgia] #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 07:32 I'm so cool, I'm reading the NY Times on my TV via my PS3 ! twitpic.com/fbfrt #
  • 06:19 Note to self: running around in Liberty City does not count as exercise. #GTAIV #
  • 06:24 How long would it take to read a million free books? Thank you Google. #
  • 06:29 There goes the mobile Internet :-) RT @sudhanshu: The iPhone To China In October bit.ly/Ot #
  • 06:35 Trees vote. Isn't it crazy that Maine (pop 1.3M) has as many senators as New York (pop 19.4M)? #
  • 06:38 The next Kyoto accord shoul be based on land. The bigger your country, the bigger your carbon quota. Now, where can I buy a cheap Hummer? #
  • 06:40 To get rid of Senate, vote NDP. RT @CBCNB: Harper Senate appointments coming: sources bit.ly/14FVbZ #
  • 06:44 I don't get it. In Grad Theft Auto IV, you can surf the fake Internet but there is no fake Twitter. What's the point of that. :-) #
  • 06:48 A hoplessly in debt customer who is a senior informed me that the Internet is not a luxury but a necessity. Sometimes I miss 1994. #
  • 06:51 I've been blamestorming and I've decided it is all your fault. #
  • 06:52 Mad Men. Not to be greedy, but when will episode 2 be available on Rogers on Demand. #
  • 06:56 When I did my degree in the 1990s, I took an elective called: advertising purchasing. Not a single mention of the Internet. #
  • 06:58 BBM is looking for someone who speaks Spanish in Moncton. Good luck with that ($15/hour). Una cerveza por favor. #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 11:29 @Skivensky Take a look outside... #
  • 11:38 @afoster Bon courage. #
  • 11:40 @Zoompass Will the prices drop to match Pay Pal? #
  • 11:44 @johnsgunn But everybody lives the phone company and Microsoft... #
  • 12:09 @miquelon Do Canadians need a passport to go to Saint Pierre and Miquelon? #
  • 12:16 @miquelon Vraiment, c'est de très mauvais goût et arogant d'écrire à tous ces gens pour l'expression Surrender Monkey. Ignore les! #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 04:05 Who was using the bus during the Halifax hurricane? RT @MTransit: - bit.ly/3WBh5K #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 16:45 Streaming media to HD TV with a PS3. Works, sorta/kinda/sometimes. Conclusion: get a laptop with HDMI, and a 1080p graphic card, instead. #
  • 16:56 Ramadan in the summer starts today: no food from sun up until sun down. Good luck with that. I'm having pork chops and beer in daylight... #
  • 16:58 What do Muslims do in places like Sweden with 20 hours of sun in the Summer? #
  • 17:03 If hurricane Bill devastates Halifax tomorrow, Moncton will be the Maritimes largest city. Fingers crossed. Joking. #
  • 17:06 Only a 20% chance of a direct Bill attack in Halifax, but it is a 450 km wide storm... #
  • 17:08 Where to Saint Pierre and Miquelon residents go during a hurricane? 7% chance of hurricane passing over the islands. #
  • 17:09 Say Halifax is devastated by hurricane Bill, where to residents seek refuge? Because just so your know, Moncton is full. #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 07:17 @techberry And how would the Canadian gov get it's money if you spend it on foreign travel? #
  • 07:19 @techberry That is what the Caiman Islands do. Everything has sky high duty. #
  • 07:23 @techberry Ontario has lower income tax than NB, but cities have $20,000 development charges/tax on new homes. #
  • 07:27 @techberry New Hamshire has no personal income or sales tax, but extreemly high property taxes. #
  • 07:31 @techberry That makes 0 sence, in a recession, only governments are spending. Consumers (especially the rich), hord their money. #
  • 07:34 @techberry Are you in favour of an estate tax like in USA and Japan? How about capital gains tax on expensive houses (like in USA). #
  • 14:55 @techberry Discouraging spending during a recession with higher sales tax is not the way to go. #
  • 15:05 @techberry National defence spending, armed border gards, longer jail time... Harper is waising our money. He increased federal spending! #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 19:21 @oliviachow Yes, and support local banks, local telecoms and local car manufactures... in Moncton, NB. See how that works? #
  • 01:47 Mad Men Season 3 in HD! Thank you Rogers on Demand. Thank you. twitpic.com/ek3cd #
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Google Street View... On a Race Track!

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The Mountains of Italy

The mountains of Italy

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View of Sicily

Sicily to the West. Cool tunnel coming up. Life is good.

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Go to Italy, or use Google Street View

In the name of humanity, I would sincerely like to thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet. :-) If you can't go to Italy (you should if you can), than Google Streets View provides you with the next best thing, minus the pickpockets.

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I Want a Ford Fiesta!

Watch this and try not to want a Ford Fiesta. One more reason to remove Canadian duty on foreign cars.
Jeremy's Extreme Ford Fiesta road test - BBC


Advertising is the Cornerstone of Democracy

Disclaimer: I watched 22 hours of Mad Men this Summer.

To those of you who don't advertise on your blog, I understand: You are rich and don't need the money. Seriously, probably not worth your time and effort. You need serious traffic to get a return on the time investment it takes to set up and maintain advertising on your blog.

However, the time effort isn't that big. Once you have entered the code into you into you blog template and set up you account for direct deposit, you can basically forget about it (assuming you don't change your blog template or your bank account).

Rather than discuss how many children you have saved with your Unicef donations thanks the money you have earned (tax free if you deduct your costs such as Internet access), lets ponder the advertising dollars you have redirected. Unless you blog is about pets, you are presumably redirecting adverting away from things like newspapers. Newspapers are dying you know (as are the paper mills that supply them). Thousands of people are losing their jobs because of you. Think about it.

Worse, with newspapers dead, who will be out there making sure the Sarah Palins of this world aren't making stuff up? Think about it.

On the other hand, if you don't advertise on your blog, perhaps you are stealing eyeballs away from newspapers. Making newspaper advertising less effective and making billboards and urinal posters that much more valuable. For example, have you noticed that Bell and Rogers both use billboard and transit advertising, a lot!

Anyway, I've been using Twitter over the last few months (advertising free), so this post has gone way beyond my attention span. So please complete this post by entering coherent comments.



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