Give Canada a Shake, Vote NDP


Bring Your Casio F-91W to Cuba

I thought I'd take advantage of the publicity surrounding the Casio F-91W to make a few bucks. I don't get paid unless you click on the freaking add! It's not as if MY job will get me sent to to Cuba next winter. I'll have to pay my own way to Guantanamo.


French-Canadians Are Voting NDP, and So Should You

The recent surge of support for the NDP is in large part due to French-Canadians in Quebec, Northern-Ontario and New Brunswick. These French-Canadians, most baptised Catholic, have reached the conclusion that only the NDP stands for healthcare over war, people over corporations, the environment over short term greed.

They use to vote Bloc and Green. Now, in 2011, they will be voting NPD.


Charmaine Noronha Fails at Math

AP's CHARMAINE NORONHA fails at math (Charlie Sheen Toro... on TwitpicCharmaine Noronha is a AP reporter who obviously went into journalism as she was lousy at math (and possibly every other subject).

Mistakes happen, but since I don't know how to contact the AP directly (I fail at communications), hopefully this blog post will make Charmaine Noronha fact check next time she writes about money*.

Repetski paid $96 (CA$100) for his ticket. Ticket prices range from $76 (CA$80) to US$105 (CA$110)

That should have been Rapetski paid $96 (CA$ 92) for his ticket. Ticket prices range from $76 (CA $73) to US$105 (CA$101). Or, if the ticket were C$100, US$104, with ticket prices possibly ranging from C$80 (US$83) to C$110 (US$114).

The worse part is you don't even need to do the math, even Windows 7 has a currency widget that you can put on your desktop.

If you can't do basic math, avoid it

* I realise Charmaine Noronha does't read this blog, but if I put some unknown person's name in a blog post title, in this case Charmaine Noronha, and repeat their name over and over, it tends to get good Google ranking. And she probably Google's herself. 

Rebecca Black Loves Friday and So Should You

How is it that with all those machines and Mexicans, most of us still have to work 40 hours a week (and waste our best years in school for the privilege)?

It would be nice to only have to worry about what cereal to eat and what seat to sit in.

Friday analysed by 13 year old Rebecca Black.


Le Pont Champlain est un luxe

Est-ce que le pont Champlain vaut la peine d'être remplacé? La population de la région métropolitaine diminue. Moins de monde, ça veut dire moins de camions, moins de voitures. 

Et avant que les baby boom périssent, ils vont prendre leur retraite, diminuant la demande aux heures de pointes. Pire, on augmente considérablement l'offre en transport avec deux projets majeurs: le  prolongement l'autoroute du tunnel Lafontaine vers l'autoroute 25 à Laval et le prolongement de l'autoroute 30 vers Vaudreuil.

Rappelons que le chemin de fer du pont Victoria et le métro sont sous-utilisé. Pour les camions et les autobus, on pourrait réserver une voie sur le pont Jacques Cartier (ou peut-être mieux, une voie réservé entre Notre-Dame et le pont, sur Papineau, pour l'accès au pont à Montréal, et sur Tachereau à Longeuil).

On pourrait aussi exiger des frais aux automobiliste qui veulent traverser le pont Victoria. Les automobilistes voulant éviter ces frais n'aurait qu'à choisir entre les embouteillages du pont Jacques Cartier, le métro, ou un détour (pour certains) via le tunnel, le pont Mercier, ou le nouveau pont Rive-Sud Vaudreuil.

Présentement, le pont Champlain est une subvention déguisé des bungalows de Brossard. Est-ce que le prix des maisons de Brossard est vraiment dans l'intérêt du gouvernement fédéral?

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CBC Calls Ronald Reagan a Dictator (New iPad App)

Dear fellow Canadians,

I used to be a big fan of the CBC. But shows like Marketplace, The
Fifth Estate and Rick Mercer never seemed to be TV worthy anymore
(even with a DVR, there are only so many hours). Now with the CBC's
new iPad app, maybe they are worthy of that place we usually bring a
magazine to?

If you don't seem to be getting your tax dollars worth with the new
CBC app, you can also check out the francophone version (tou.tv) or,
gasp, American TV via the CITY TV and Global apps. If you can't stand
commercials, even while taking a dump, or if you like like British TV
sans annual $200 British TV tax (or UK rain), may I suggest Netflix
($8/month), or, for The Simpsons fans, iTunes ($2 per episode).

Turns out the perfect bowel movement lasts 22 minutes. ;)

Willing to Spring for Harvard, but Not the New York Times

In my experience, the cheapest people, demanding refunds,
under-tippers, non-charitable, are the also the richest. So no
surprise then that a student at Harvard, perhaps the most over-priced
university in the world (think George W Bush), wants to know how to
get out of paying for the New York Times.


New Brunswick Has Plenty of Parking

If you visit New Brunswick, parking will not be an issue. Although if your SUV is prone to tipping over in the wind (note the cables attached to the tower)...
View Larger Map

Houses on the Acadian Peninsula can be had for about $20,000 (not a typo).

View Larger Map

Houses in Southern New Brunswick are far more expensive. And therefore bulding a giant lobster within the budget of the local community.

View Larger Map

Blogging From Tasmania

Dear readers,

I'm currently in Tasmania on a fact finding mission on behalf of Fishiries and Oceans Canada. Not sure what exactly I'm supposed to be looking for, but I'll tell you when I find it.

All courtesy of the S. Harper and the Conservative government (and your tax dollars, thanks by the way).

Took a while, but I finally made it. Safety Cove Road, Port A... on Twitpic

Visit New Brunswick!

Escape this:

Busses on their way to Gatineau via Ottawa's King Edward... on Twitpic

Catch the wave:

More ironic Visit NB ad placement on Youtube on Twitpic

But take your time

Ironic Tourism NB ad placement on Youtube on Twitpic


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