Werner Patels is Banned from the Internet

You got to give credit to a guy behind his computer in Edmonton when he is able to make so many people angry. And he certainly succeeded with me last year. I did the background check, Google Mapping his place of work and home, plotting revenge. I don't even remember HOW he made me angry, just that he did.
Ti-guy, on Red Tory's blog, suggested googling "Warner Patels" "banned".
Wow, this guy has talent!
There is even an anti-Warner Patels blog.
I'll save you the trouble of googling the people he angered:
- Werner Patels banned from TC for abusive behaviour : Announcements ...- [ Traduire cette page ]

Werner Patels has been banned from this website and won't be allowed to restore his membership at any point in the future. We have been forced into this ...

- Cherniak on Politics- [ Traduire cette page ]

He got banned on many sites throughout the blogsphere. In July or August, ... I vote to censure Werner Patels. Posted by Jason Cherniak at 7:52 AM ...
jasoncherniak.blogspot.com/2005/12/censure-werner.html - 238k -

-Born With A Tail: Ze Verner Uber Alles - [ Traduire cette page ]

He's got a long history of getting himself banned from even the most innocuous ... 12:16 AM; Werner Patels said... My lawyer advised me to keep reposting my ...

- Born With A Tail: Ze Verner!- [ Traduire cette page ]
Subject: Werner Patels banned from TC for abusive behaviour ... Werner Patels has been banned from this website and won't be allowed to restore his ...

-The Nexus of Assholery: Oh, He's So Angry - [ Traduire cette page ]

Werner Patels said... It's no wonder RT has already suffered one heart attack: .... (Sorry, I have to address you here seeing as you've banned me from your ...

-Werner Patels and Gerard Kennedy Make Me Laugh.

-An Eye on Werner Patels

-Some of Werner Patels comments on my blog or about my blog (or its author):

Werner Patels said...

It's not the information, but the tone with which it is delivered. You are a nutjob and I have already forwarded your articles to the Iggy campaign, so that they can distance themselves from you and your kind.

Werner Patels said...

Whether his name is Chris or Sam, he is a psychopath. He should be removed from Liblogs.

Werner Patels said...

By the way, I was among those who contacted the Iggy campaign to draw their attention to that psycho. I was very happy to see that they responded almost instantly.



eugene plawiuk said...

Werner is from Calgary not Redmonton.

Altavistagoogle said...

Thanks for the correction. Always appreciated. Although I think you ment he 'is' in Calgary and not 'from' Calgary.

In noticed the geographical error as soon as I posted it. But A), from here in Moncton, Calgary and Edmonton are both the same place and B), I didn't want to get in truble (legally and moraly)if something happened to him...

the rev. said...

Werner is in Calgary, he is not from Earth.

Anonymous said...

"Free speech? Not by a long shot Canadian Conservatives are digging their own graves by supporting "free-speeches". Very soon, Canadians will be sick and tired of hearing about "freedom of speech" and its alleged "defenders", such as Ezra Levant or Mark Steyn. The far right, with domineering elements recruited from white supremacist movements, has been going on about its "right" to free speech ever 9 even along time before this too) since Ezra Levant went before a human rights commission in Alberta to defend himself," Free speech is still never a right to deny the human, legal free speech rights of the others in Canada too.

"Freedom of speech is a right to be exercised responsibly. When blogs first became popular, it did not take very long for bloggers to start using their sites for nefarious purposes, such as spreading lies about others." The false, unacceptable Slandering and one sided distorted, Bashing of the Liberals, the others was, is very popular on the Conservative Alberta Internet sites as I had often witnessed, experienced too

" It actually eve loved way beyond that they started to censor any posts that were not in accordance with what they wanted to hear, and worse than that next these Conservatives computer nerds used backdoor programing to invade on line directly the personal privacy of the opposition posters as well ,as they themslves had admitted now too, and this fact is posted on the interent, and had been brought to the attention of even the Alberta Human Rights commission for their proper action.



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