The Government is reading this blog

Friday, October 6.

The Government is reading this blog.
And I'm not kidding. Every day, at least two people from the House of Commons read my blog. In addition, I get an almost daily visit from the Solicitor General's Office which, as we all know, is code for CSIS (Canadian Spy and Intelligence Service).

I also get regular visitors from the government of Quebec. Yesterday, Barbara Kay was the subject of the interest.

Rona Ambrose was a popular search for civil servants yesterday. My blog is at page 12 or so of the Google results, so these people were certainly determined. They include one from Industry Canada (worried about a cabinet shuffle no doubt), one from the Government of Alberta (5 page views!) and one from the City of New Westminster's police department.

Why the police of New Westminster would be interested in the Environment Minister is a mystery to me. Hopefully they found some dirt on her (and not on me).

Now before you smart alecs comment about civil servants waisting their time (and your tax dollars) on my blog, please be aware that this blog makes people more productive. At the very least, they must work twice as hard to make up for lost time (Inside joke for readers who watched The Office last night.). But seriously, the vast majority of the readers of this blog are students and people working in the private sector. A small minority appear to be at home waisting their leisure time.

Altavistagoogle, unemployed and unimportant. But thanks for stopping by.


Werner Patels said...

My blog is read by the House of Commons, the Privy Council and the provincial governments of Ontario and Alberta every single day several times a day, as well as by the US government. Yes, we bloggers are "popular" with the powers that be.

A_Resident said...

I get them at my site too. What's cool is that we know what they are looking up.

DivaRachel said...

can you please tell me how it is you know the profile of your blog visitors?

Altavistagoogle said...

Divarachel, simply clik on the Sitmeter icon. Curently, it is the number next to the Geovisitors icon in the uper left hand corner of the page. What you see is what I see.

A_Resident said...

We could look on the bright side, maybe thet are actually trying to learn what Canadians really care about and try to take what the people who put them there into account.

We can dream, right?

Tuco said...

I don't think I've had any Can. Gov. people on my site - for some reason somebody from the Minnesota Center for Victims of Torture is my site a lot - shrug.

I wish Rona did exist, AND I wish she had the backbone to stand up to big oil and big auto and get Kyoto looked after.


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