AOL Moncton is Closing, XM US says buh bye

AOL Moncton is Closing. Someone mentioned this to me yesterday and I didn't believe her. But judging by the number of people arriving on my blog, within the last few minutes, with the search "AOL Moncton closing", she must have told alot of people, or it is unfortunately true.

But where are French speaking Canadian customers of AOL going to get tech support from? Don't know.

Sitel is shutting the XM USA contract at the end of the month. Not sure if Sitel is moving the contract to an other centre, or if it simply lost it. About 100 jobs will be lost in Moncton as a result. With the loss of XM USA, Sitel Moncton is now verry dependent on Bell Sympatico. Not necessarily a good thing now that (Ontario) Teachers (pension) is taking over Bell.

On the positive side, Virgin Mobile seems quite successful, to the benefit of ICT in Riverview. Rogers cable and Internet must be doing well, because they are still hiring like mad. Dito for bank servicing Minacs in Riverview.

According to one figure I saw, there are 5,000 people who are unfortunate enough to work in call centres in Moncton.

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Update (2008-01-17):
Accoding to the Times Transcript, March 2 is the closing date of AOL Moncton. The 100 employees will get two weeks severance per year of service, which, for the vast majority employees, means two weeks or less. Still no idea where the tech support will come from for all those French speaking Canadian customers 0f AOL.

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