Rona Ambrose Does Not Exist

Rona Ambrose is a myth. Sure it appears that she exists -we hear her and see her- but many scientists agree this is a naturally occurring phenomenon that has nothing to do with a "Rona Ambrose".

Her children are an other myth. Because she has children, some say she must exist. But plenty of people have children that are not theirs. How do we know they weren't adopted? Just because she has children does not mean she exists. In a recent survey, most scientists couldn't even name her children. In fact, 99% of Guatemalan scientists had never even heard of Rona Ambrose.

But what about the hot air coming out of her mouth? Everybody knows that Parliament is an old building, it is drafty, there are some weird air currents. We need more studies to fully understand the phenomenon.

But we see her on TV? Yes, but that doesn't prove anything. There are plenty of dead people on TV. An with computer graphics...

So it is a left wing conspiracy? No, no, that would be silly. We just don't understand it properly. We need to study it more.

But it is possible she does exist? Most reputable studies to date show that over hundreds of years, Rona Ambrose does not exist. I mean, sure compared to the ice age, she exists, but compared to 600 years ago, on average, probably not.

And if it turns out Rona Ambrose does exist, we need to figure out how to prevent her. I mean we cant just bomb Ottawa or Alberta, that would be nuts. We need to figure out, if she does exist, a reasonable, rationale, sensible, made in Canada solution to the Rona Ambrose phenomenon.

We don't need a short term fix to a long term problem, we need a long term fix to a short term problem. That is what the United States is doing, and they don't have any signs of Rona Ambrose.

Inspired by Scientific Integrity's winning caricatures . Thanks to Concious Earth for the link.


Saskboy said...

You're a Rona Ambrose denier!

Devon Rowcliffe said...

He's obviously part of the Friends of Ambrose. ;)

Geddit? Friends of Science?

Har har har...


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